Flow conductivity of rat dermis is determined by hydration Bert, J.L.;Reed, R.K.; Biorheology 1995-01-01 查看
The pressure-flow relation in resting rat skeletal muscle perfused withpure erythrocyte suspensions Sutton, D.W.;Schmid-Schonbein, G.W.; Biorheology 1995-01-01 查看
An LDA and flow visualization study of pulsatile flow in an aorticbifurcation model Naiki, T.;Hayashi, K.;Takemura, S.; Biorheology 1995-01-01 查看
Flow patterns in three-dimensional left ventricular systolic anddiastolic flows determined from computational fluid dynamics Taylor, T.W.;Yamaguchi, T.; Biorheology 1995-01-01 查看
Flow cytometric studies of platelet responses to shear stress in wholeblood Konstantopoulos, K.;Wu, K.K.;Udden, M.M.;Banez, E.I.;Shattil, S.J.;Hellums, J.D.; Biorheology 1995-01-01 查看
Erratum Biorheology 1995-01-01 查看
Announcement Biorheology 1995-01-01 查看
Contents of clinical hemorheology, Volume 14, Number 4 Biorheology 1995-01-01 查看
Author index, volume 32, 1995 Biorheology 1995-01-01 查看
Editorial Board Biorheology 1995-01-01 查看
Synovial fluid lipids and apolipoproteins: a contemporary perspective Prete, P.E.;Gurakar-Osborne, A.;Kashyap, M.L.; Biorheology 1995-01-01 查看
Hemodilution reduces the after-effects of peripheral ischemia in humanlimbs Forconi, S.;Guerrini, M.; Biorheology 1995-03-06 查看
White blood cell count and fasting blood sugar are risk factors forcardiovascular events in patients with peripheral arterial disease (PAD) Lindgarde, F.;Adielsson, G.;Dickinson, J.P.;Kjellstrom, T.; Biorheology 1995-03-06 查看
Red cell deformability after rheumatic valve disease correction Ostrovsky, Y.;Konstantinova, E.;Tsapaev, V.; Biorheology 1995-03-06 查看
Evaluation of erythrocytic morphology in vasculopatic subjects with andwithout diabetes: comparison with blood viscosity and intracellular calcium Turchetti, V.;Dematteis, C.;Leoncini, F.;Picciolini, F.;Guerrini, M.;Forconi, S.;Zipursky, A.; Biorheology 1995-03-06 查看
Prevention of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases by combinedhemorheological therapy Zhao, Z.;Mu, Y.;Guo, Z.; Biorheology 1995-03-06 查看
The Tel Aviv-Heidelberg three generation offspring study (TGOS): thecorrelation between plasma fibrinogen and lipoprotein(a) levels in theirintra-family correlations in healthy persons Graff, E.;Schettler, G.;Schwarz, S.;Blettner, M.;Hoting, I.;Brunner, D.; Biorheology 1995-03-06 查看
Predicting factors of blood viscosity and red cell aggregation values inmedical practice Taccoen, A.;Levenson, J.;Stoltz, J.F.;Boisseau, M.R.; Biorheology 1995-03-06 查看
Plasma viscosity, fibrinogen levels and cardiovascular risk factors inyoung adults participating in the Prevention Education Program (PEP) Sonnichsen, A.C.;Otto, C.;Schwandt, P.;Richter, W.O.; Biorheology 1995-03-06 查看
Investigation of the relationship between blood rheology and geographicallatitudes Y. D., S.;W. J., X.;Y. F., B.; Biorheology 1995-03-06 查看
Discussion on the relation between the normal hematocrit (HCT) and China'sgeographic factors G., M.;Y., D.;Q., G.;Z., C.; Biorheology 1995-03-06 查看
Discussion on the relation between the average Chinese female whole bloodviscosity (230 S^-^1) and geographic factors G., M.;Z., C.;Y., D.;Q., G.; Biorheology 1995-03-06 查看
Seasonal variation of hemorheological parameters in middle-aged healthysubjects Otto, C.;Donner, M.;Schwandt, P.;Richter, W.O.; Biorheology 1995-03-06 查看
Epidemiology of blood rheology factors: Glasgow MONICA Study Rumley, A.;Lowe, G.D.O.;Woodward, M.;Morrison, C.E.;Tunstall-Pedoe, H.; Biorheology 1995-03-06 查看
Research into the relation between the normal index values of hemorheologyand the geographical factors Z., F.; Biorheology 1995-03-06 查看
The effects of Danshen Tea on the rheological parameters in coronary heartdisease S., C.;J., X.;X., Q.; Biorheology 1995-03-06 查看
In vitro effects of various class 1 antiarrhythmic drugs on red blood celldeformability in ischemic heart disease Salbas, K.;Ulki, N.;Aksu, N.; Biorheology 1995-03-06 查看
Significance of RBC deformability on acute myocardial infarction andcerebral infarction W.-C., Q.;J.-N., C.;J.-R., X.; Biorheology 1995-03-06 查看
Regular leisure time physical activity and reduced incidence in coronaryheart disease: which mechanisms are involved? Potential role of plasmaviscosity Koenig, W.;Sund, M.;Doring, A.;Hartel, U.;Ernst, E.; Biorheology 1995-03-06 查看
Improvement of left ventricular function in dogs with isovolumetrichemodilution at different times with acute myocardial infarction B., W.;L., W.;J., L.; Biorheology 1995-03-06 查看
Platelet cholesterol: significance for prognosis in unstable angina.Possibilities of antiplatelet drugs and lovastatin correction Shalaev, S.V.;Safiullina, Z.M.;Rotermel, M.N.;Mezetskaya, I.A.;Zhuravleva, T.D.; Biorheology 1995-03-06 查看
The hemorheological risk of myocardial ischemia and the lipoprotein(a) Fendler, K.;Kollar, L.; Biorheology 1995-03-06 查看
Hemorheological studies of cardiac dynamics Ajmani, R.S.;Puniyani, R.R.;Kar, S.; Biorheology 1995-03-06 查看
Hemorheological considerations in dilated cardiomyopathy Puniyani, R.R.;Ajmani, R.S.; Biorheology 1995-03-06 查看
Erythrocyte aggregate size and sedimentation velocity distribution inmyocardial infarction Muralidharan, E.; Biorheology 1995-03-06 查看
The clinical study of the correlation between fibrinogen and acutemyocardial infarction M., K.;C., L.;X., Y.;W., Z.;L., J.; Biorheology 1995-03-06 查看
Hemorheological changes in patients with coronary heart disease H., C.;M., J.;C. Z., X.; Biorheology 1995-03-06 查看
Analysis of the area of AMI in relation to the variation of hemorheology J., Z.; Biorheology 1995-03-06 查看
Measurements of electrical resistance in the three directions and theviscoelasticity of blood Fujii, M.;Ohta, A.;Masujima, F.;Niwa, M.;Sakamoto, K.;Kanai, H.; Biorheology 1995-03-06 查看
The electrical characteristics of flowing blood Sakamoto, K.;Masujima, F.;Fujii, M.;Kani, H.; Biorheology 1995-03-06 查看
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The electrical-field effect on the microcirculation G. C., W.;W. K., W.; Biorheology 1995-03-06 查看
Red cell deformability measured in plasma compared to buffer as asuspending medium Bronkhorst, P.J.H.;Berends, H.G.;Sixma, J.J.;Nijhof, E.J.; Biorheology 1995-03-06 查看
The effects of albumin on orientation of RBCS in a shear flow field of lowviscosity Z.-Y., W.;T., G.;W., M.; Biorheology 1995-03-06 查看
Determination of RBC mechanical properties using the cell transit analyzer Fisher, T.C.;Landsmann, B.;Meiselman, H.J.; Biorheology 1995-03-06 查看
A bi-plane rheoscope for the measurement of red cell deformation andorientation in couette flow Streekstra, G.J.;Heij, R.;Nijhof, E.J.;Heethaar, R.M.; Biorheology 1995-03-06 查看
A new method to study shape recovery of red blood cells using multipleoptical trapping Bronkhorst, P.J.H.;Streekstra, G.J.;Grimbergen, J.;Sixma, J.J.;Brakenhoff, G.J.;Nijhof, E.J.; Biorheology 1995-03-06 查看
Effects of flow acceleration on initial filtration measurements oferythrocyte deformability Lindmark, K.;Engstrom, K.G.; Biorheology 1995-03-06 查看
Erythocyte volume distribution with two extremes Sakanishi, A.;Yoshikoshi, A.; Biorheology 1995-03-06 查看
Whole blood rheology of postoperative autotransfusate after orthopedic kneesurgery Engstrom, K.G.;Meiselman, H.J.; Biorheology 1995-03-06 查看
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A survey of the deformability of erythrocytes in the aged Z., Z.;Z., W.;J., Y.;J., D.; Biorheology 1995-03-06 查看
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