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Effect of Four Disintegrins on the Adhesive and Metastatic Properties ofB16F10 Melanoma Cells in a Murine Model Beviglia, L.;Stewart, G.J.;Niewiarowski, S.; Oncology Research 1995-01-01 查看
A Novel Point Mutation in the 3@? Flanking Region of the DNA-Binding Domainof Topoisomerase II@a Associated with Acquired Resistance to TopoisomeraseII Active Agents Hashimoto, S.;Danks, M.K.;Chatterjee, S.;Beck, W.T.;Berger, N.A.; Oncology Research 1995-01-01 查看
Modulation of Cisplatin Resistance in Acquired-Resistant Nonsmall Cell LungCancer Cells Shinn-Liang, L.;Jaulang, H.;Reury-Perng, P.;Whang-Peng, J.; Oncology Research 1995-01-01 查看
Cytotoxic Potential of Monoalkylation Products Between Mitomycins and DNA:Studies of Decarbamoyl Mitomycin C in Wild-Type and Repair-Deficient CellLines Rockwell, S.;Kim, S.Y.; Oncology Research 1995-01-01 查看
O^6-Methylguanine-DNA Methyltransferase in Human Brain Tumors Detected byActivity Assay and Monoclonal Antibodies Citron, M.;White, A.;Decker, R.;Wasserman, P.;Li, B.;Randall, T.;Guerra, D.;Belanich, M.;Yarosh, D.; Oncology Research 1995-01-01 查看
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Establishment and Characterization of Four Human Medulloblastoma-DerivedCell Lines Keles, G.E.;Berger, M.S.;Srinivasan, J.;Kolstoe, D.D.;Bobola, M.S.;Silber, J.R.; Oncology Research 1995-01-01 查看
mRNA Levels and Enzyme Activities of Protein Phosphatases in Drug-ResistantRat Ascites Hepatomas Saadat, M.;Saeki, H.;Kudo, T.;Mizuno, Y.;Kikuchi, K.; Oncology Research 1995-01-01 查看
Novel Substrate Analogs Delineate an Endocytotic Mechanism for Uptake ofFolate Via the High-Affinity, Glycosylphosphatidylinositol-Linked TransportProtein in L1210 Mouse Leukemia Cells Jianguo, F.;Kureshy, N.;Vitols, K.S.;Huennekens, F.M.; Oncology Research 1995-01-01 查看
Novel Mechanism of Resistance to Paclitaxel (Taxol@?) in Human K562Leukemia Cells by Combined Selection with PSC 833 Jaffrezou, J.-P.;Dumontet, C.;Derry, W.B.;Duran, G.;Gang, C.;Tsuchiya, E.;Wilson, L.;Jordan, M.A.;Sikic, B.I.; Oncology Research 1995-01-01 查看
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Variants of the Human Prostate LNCaP Cell Line as Tools to Study DiscreteComponents of the Androgen-Mediated Proliferative Response Soto, A.M.;Tien-Min, L.;Sakabe, K.;Olea, N.;Damassa, D.A.;Sonnenschein, C.; Oncology Research 1995-01-01 查看
TNF-Induced Apoptosis in Multidrug Resistant Friend Erythroleukemia Is NotInfluenced by the P-Glycoprotein And Glutathione Status of the Cell Line Flugy, A.;Borsellino, N.;D'Alessandro, N.; Oncology Research 1995-01-01 查看
Drastic Reduction of Topoismerase II@a Associated with Major AcquiredResistance to Topoisomerase II Active Agents but Minor Perturbations ofCell Growth Hashimoto, S.;Chatterjee, S.;Ranjit, G.B.;Bao, C.;Ford, J.;Ganapathi, R.;Berger, S.J.;Berger, N.A.; Oncology Research 1995-01-01 查看
Glucose-regulated Stresses Confer Resistance to VP-16 in Human Cancer Cellsthrough a Decreased Expression of DNA Topoisomerase II Yun, J.;Tomida, A.;Nagata, K.;Tsuruo, T.; Oncology Research 1995-01-01 查看
Granulocyte Colony-stimulating Factor Receptor Mediated Cell Growth andDifferentiation Li, J.;Sartorelli, A.C.; Oncology Research 1995-01-01 查看
Analysis of the Interactions of SDZ PSC 833([3@?-keto-Bmt1]-Val2]-Cyclosporine), a Multidrug Resistance Modulator,with P-Glycoprotein Archinal-Mattheis, A.;Rzepka, R.W.;Watanabe, T.;Kokubu, N.;Itoh, Y.;Combates, N.J.;Bair, K.W.;Cohen, D.; Oncology Research 1995-01-01 查看
Improved Antitumor Activity ofcis-Bis-neodecanoato-trans-R,R-1,2-Diaminocyclohexaneplatinum (II)Entrapped in Long-Circulating Liposomes Li, S.;Khokhar, A.R.;Perez-Soler, R.;Huang, L.; Oncology Research 1995-01-01 查看
P-Glycoprotein Expression in Ovarian Cancer Cell Line Following Treatmentwith Cisplatin Xiaowei, Y.;Page, M.; Oncology Research 1995-01-01 查看
Retinoblastoma Gene Mutation in Primary Human Renal Cell Carcinoma Shuin, T.;Torigoe, S.;Kubota, Y.;Kishida, T.;Hosaka, M.;Horikoshi, T.;Yao, M.;Kondo, K.;Sakai, N.;Danenberg, K.;Danenberg, P.V.; Oncology Research 1995-01-01 查看
Possible Correlation Between Ormaplatin Biotransformations andNeurotoxicity Sakata, M.;Chaney, S.G.;Spriggs, D.R.; Oncology Research 1995-01-01 查看
Contrasting Patterns of DNA Fragmentation Induced by Thymidylate SynthaseInhibitors, ZD1694 and AG-331 Panadero, A.;Ming-biao, Y.;Voigt, W.;Rustum, Y.M.; Oncology Research 1995-01-01 查看
Altered Topoisomerase I Expression in Two Subclones of Human CEM LeukemiaSelected for Resistance to Camptothecin Kapoor, R.;Slade, D.L.;Fujimori, A.;Pommier, Y.;Harker, W.G.; Oncology Research 1995-01-01 查看
Role of Membrane-Associated Folate Binding Protein in the Cytotoxicity ofAntifolates in KB, IGROV1, and L1210A Cells Schultz, R.M.;Andis, S.L.;Shackelford, K.A.;Gates, S.B.;Ratnam, M.;Mendelsohn, L.G.;Shih, C.;Grindey, G.B.; Oncology Research 1995-01-01 查看
DNA Topoisomerase II Expression, Stability, and Phosphorylation in TwoVM-26-Resistant Human Leukemic CEM Sublines Mei, C.;Beck, W.T.; Oncology Research 1995-01-01 查看
Cell Cycle Inhibition of HTLV-I Transformed T Cell Lines by Retinoic Acid:The Possible Therapeutic Use of Thioredoxin Reductase Inhibitors U-Taniguchi, Y.;Furuke, K.;Masutani, H.;Nakamura, H.;Yodoi, J.; Oncology Research 1995-01-01 查看
Combined Effects of Buthionine Sulfoximine and Cepharanthine on CytotoxicActivity of Doxorubicin to Multidrug-Resistant Cells Kisara, S.;Furusawa, S.;Murata, R.;Ogata, M.;Hikichi, N.;Takayanagi, Y.;Sasaki, K.-i.; Oncology Research 1995-01-01 查看
Telomere Dynamics and Telomerase Activation in Tumor Progression: Prospectsfor Prognosis and Therapy Healy, K.C.; Oncology Research 1995-01-01 查看
Plasminogen Activator Activities in Short-Term Tissue Cultures of BenignProstatic Hyperplasia and Prostatic Carcinoma Festuccia, C.;Vincentini, C.;di Pasquale, A.B.;Aceto, G.;Zazzeroni, F.;Miano, L.;Bologna, M.; Oncology Research 1995-01-01 查看
Thymosin Fraction 5 Does Not Influence Urinary Tract Carcinogenesis byPhenacetin and N-butyl-N-(4-hydroxybutyl)nitrosamine in NON/Shi Mice Murai, T.;Iwata, H.;Mori, S.;Hato, F.;Kimura, S.;Kinoshita, Y.;Wada, S.;Kishimoto, T.;Makino, S.;Oohara, T.;Fukushima, S.; Oncology Research 1995-01-01 查看
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IL-10 Blocks Collagen IV Invasion By @?Invasion Stimulating Factor@?Activated PC-3 ML Cells: Upregulation of TIMP-1 Expression Stearns, M.E.;M., W.;Stearns, M.; Oncology Research 1995-01-01 查看
Experimental Study on Safety for Granulopoiesis in Simultaneous Therapywith Recombinant Human Granulocyte Colony-Stimulating Factor andChemotherapy Kabaya, K.;Obuchi, M.;Watanabe, M.;Kusaka, M.;Seki, M.; Oncology Research 1995-01-01 查看
Cytokine (IL-10, IL-6) Induction of Tissue Inhibitor of Metalloproteinase 1in Primary Human Prostate Tumor Cell Lines Stearns, M.;Wang, M.;Stearns, M.E.; Oncology Research 1995-01-01 查看
Fractionation of Cremophor EL Delineates Components Responsible for PlasmaLipoprotein Alterations and Multidrug Resistance Reversal Kessel, D.;Woodburn, K.;Decker, D.;Sykes, E.; Oncology Research 1995-01-01 查看
Difloxacin Reverses Multidrug Resistance in HL-60/AR Cells that Overexpressthe Multidrug Resistance-Related Protein (MRP) Gene Gollapudi, S.;Thadepalli, F.;Kim, C.H.;Gupta, S.; Oncology Research 1995-01-01 查看
Suramin Blocks Binding of Interleukin-4 to Its Receptors on Human TumorCells and Interleukin-4-Induced Mitogenic Response Leland, P.;Obiri, N.;Puri, R.K.;Aggarwal, B.B.; Oncology Research 1995-01-01 查看
Antiangiogenic Treatment (TNP-470/Minocycline) Increases Tissue Levels ofAnticancer Drugs in Mice Bearing Lewis Lung Carcinoma Teicher, B.A.;Dupuis, N.P.;Robinson, M.F.;Emi, Y.;Goff, D.A.; Oncology Research 1995-01-01 查看
Difference Between the Resistance Mechanisms of Aclacinomycin- andAdriamycin-Resistant P388 Cell Lines Dong, J.;Naito, M.;Tatsuta, T.;Seimiya, H.;Johdo, O.;Tsuruo, T.; Oncology Research 1995-01-01 查看
Liposomal Muramyl Tripeptide Upregulates Adhesion Molecules on the Surfaceof Human Monocytes Asano, T.;McIntyre, B.W.;Bednarczyk, J.L.;Wygant, J.N.;Kleinerman, E.S.; Oncology Research 1995-01-01 查看
Cytotoxic Potential of Monoalkylation Products Between Mitomycins and DNA:Studies of Decarbamoyl Mitomycin C in Wild-Type and Repair-Deficient CellLines Kim, S.Y.;Rockwell, S.; Oncology Research 1995-01-01 查看
Microsatellite Instability in Human Cancer Speicher, M.R.; Oncology Research 1995-01-01 查看
Induction of the Differentiated Phenotype in Human Colon Cancer Cells IsAssociated with the Attenuation of Subcellular Tyrosine Phosphorylation Schwartz, B.;Lamprecht, S.A.;Polak-Charcon, S.;Niv, Y.;Kim, Y.S.; Oncology Research 1995-01-01 查看
Induction of Apoptosis by Sodium Butyrate in the Human Y-79 RetinoblastomaCell Line Conway, R.M.;Madigan, M.C.;Penfold, P.L.;Billson, F.A.; Oncology Research 1995-01-01 查看
Influence of Exogenous ras and p53 on P-Glycoprotein Function inImmortalized Rodent Fibroblasts Kopnin, B.P.;Stromskaya, T.P.;Kondratov, R.V.;Ossovskaya, V.S.;Pugacheva, E.N.;Rybalkina, E.Y.;Khokhlova, O.A.;Chumakov, P.M.; Oncology Research 1995-01-01 查看
Doxorubicin and Cyclosporin A Affect Murine Lymphoid Cells ExpressingDifferent Antigenic Determinants Zaleskis, G.;Verstovsek, S.;Tzong-Shin, T.;Mihich, E.;Ehrke, M.J.; Oncology Research 1995-01-01 查看
Screening of Colon Tumor Cells and Tissues for FolylpolyglutamateSynthetase Activity van der Wilt, C.L.;Cloos, J.;de Jong, M.;Pinedo, H.M.;Peters, G.J.; Oncology Research 1995-01-01 查看
Infrequent Somatic Mutations of the p16 and p15 Genes in Human BladderCancer: p16 Mutations Occur Only in Low-Grade and Superficial BladderCancers Miyamoto, H.;Kubota, Y.;Fujinami, K.;Dobashi, Y.;Kondo, K.;Yao, M.;Shuin, T.;Hosaka, M.; Oncology Research 1995-01-01 查看
Immunohistochemical Detection of p53 in Melanomas with Rare p53 GeneMutations is Associated With mdm-2 Overexpression Poremba, C.;Yandell, D.W.;Metze, D.;Kamanabrou, D.;Bocker, W.;Dockhorn-Dworniczak, B.; Oncology Research 1995-01-01 查看
Combination of Anti-Cell Adhesive Synthetic Arg-Gly-Asp-Ser Analogue andAnticancer Drug Doxorubicin Heightens Their Original AntimetastaticActivities Komazawa, H.;Fujii, H.;Kojima, M.;Mori, H.;Ono, M.;Itoh, I.;Azuma, I.;Saiki, I.; Oncology Research 1995-01-01 查看
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