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Complex oscillatory regimes in the peroxidase-oxidase reaction Fed'Kina, V.R.;Bronnikova, T.V.; Biophysics 1995-01-01 查看
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Analysis of the inconstancy of epidemic outbreaks in the rhythmics ofseasonal rises in morbidity Kolesin, I.D.; Biophysics 1995-01-01 查看
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Development of the olfactory organ in zebrafish: an electron microscopicand immunocytochemical study of early differentiation and growth Hansen, A.;Zeiske, E.; Biophysics 1995-01-01 查看
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The formation and photosensitizing activity of the products ofphotochemical destruction of protein tryptophanyls in isolated erythrocytemembranes Vorobei, A.V.;Pinchuk, S.V.; Biophysics 1995-01-01 查看
Effect of the osmoticity and salt composition of the incubation medium onthe generation of @DpH in chloroplasts Magnitskii, S.G.;Tikhonov, A.N.; Biophysics 1995-01-01 查看
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Analysis of the structure of the double electric layer of the live cell Golovanov, M.V.; Biophysics 1995-01-01 查看
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Effect of radiation on the structure of the protein component oferythrocyte membranes Gorbenko, G.P.;Krupin, V.D.; Biophysics 1995-01-01 查看
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Influence of the spectral composition of acting light on thethermoluminescence of bean leaves at 40-70^oC Solntsev, M.K.; Biophysics 1995-01-01 查看
Changes in the content, structure and charge of lipoproteins of the ratblood serum on prolonged exposure to cold Kolosova, N.G.;Kolpakov, A.R.;Dobronravova, O.V.; Biophysics 1995-01-01 查看
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