Detailed characterization of petroleum products with capillary GC analyzers Durand, J.;Beboulene, J.;Ducrozet, A.; Analusis 1995-12-01 查看
The future of analysis: To check the sampling errors is the only way toimprove the overall analytical reliability Gy, P.; Analusis 1995-12-01 查看
Cyanide as a releasing agent in atomic absorption spectrometricdetermination of lead and cadmium El-Defrawy, M.;Kabil, M.;Khalifa, M.;Othman, A.; Analusis 1995-12-01 查看
Optimization of the differential pulse cathodic stripping voltammetryanalytical method for the speciation of inorganic selenium Seby, F.;Potin-Gautier, M.;Castetbon, A.;Astruc, M.; Analusis 1995-12-01 查看
Rapid analysis of solid waste products with high Pb, Zn and Fe contents byX-ray fluorescence using a radioisotopic source Cornejo, N.;Afailal, A.;Palacios, M.;Ruiz, J.;Garcia, F.; Analusis 1995-12-01 查看
Vibrational Raman spectroscopy of silicon powders produced by plasmaenhanced chemical vapor deposition Bacsa, WS;Dutta, J; Analusis 1995-12-01 查看
Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy: in vivo determinations of pH,cations and metabolites Di Cocco, M.;Capuani, G.;Miccheli, A.; Analusis 1995-03-01 查看
Thermal membrane desorption application (TMDA) method for on-line analysisof organics in water by GC-MS Matz, G.;Kesners, P.; Analusis 1995-03-01 查看
Coupled in situ Raman scattering and impedance spectroscopy Loridant, S.;Lucazeau, G.; Analusis 1995-03-01 查看
In situ Raman monitoring of the growth of thin films in plasma assisted CVDreactors. Growth of diamond films. Mermoux, M.;Fayette, L.;Marcus, B.;Rosman, N.;Abello, L.;Lucazeau, G.;Chabert, J.; Analusis 1995-03-01 查看
The use of on-site analysis for the protection of personnel Loudon, A.;Kolbe-Boelke, J.;Adler, J.;Stach, J.; Analusis 1995-03-01 查看
TLC analysis of nitro compounds in residual warfare site contamination Sohr, J.;Janes, W.;Bongartz, A.; Analusis 1995-03-01 查看
Surface and interface analysis in materials science. Method selection,difficulties and applications Darque-Ceretti, E.;Aucouturier, M.; Analusis 1995-03-01 查看
Proprietes, chimie analytique et impact sur l'environnement despolycarboxylates utilises dans les detergents Hui, F.;Garcia-Camacho, P.;Rosset, R.; Analusis 1995-03-01 查看
Microwave oven extraction procedure for lipid analysis in biologicalsamples Leray, C.;Grcic, T.;Gutbier, G.;Bnouham, M.; Analusis 1995-03-01 查看
Lixiviation d'un concentre sulfure aurifere par du brome electrogenere insitu et recuperation du cuivre libere par extraction liquide-liquide Lizama, H.;Schrebler, R.;Cordova, R.;Gote, G.;Bauer, D.; Analusis 1995-03-01 查看
Characterization of sulphur dioxide. Adsorption on tin dioxide withvarious surface analysis techniques Berger, F.;Touyeras, F.;Chambaudet, A.;Klein, D.;Planade, R.;Tiret, C.; Analusis 1995-03-01 查看
Analysis of anions in rain water by capillary electrophoresis Nguyen, H.;Tamisier-Karolak, S.;Czok, M.;Laugier, R.;Cardot, P.; Analusis 1995-03-01 查看
Atomic absorption spectrometric determination of iron, cobalt, nickel andcopper in borate glasses El-Defrawy, M.; Analusis 1995-04-01 查看
Direct detection of malachite green in tissues of fish by reflectancespectrofluorimetry at 77 K de Violet, P.F.;Belin, C.;Nougayrede, P.;Marbach, M.; Analusis 1995-04-01 查看
Lignin signature in river suspension by capillary gas chromatography-massspectrometry of thioacidolysis products Pepe, C.;Scribe, P.;Dagaut, J.;Nallard, M.;Pollet, B.;Lapierre, C.; Analusis 1995-04-01 查看
Atomic absorption determination of lead in non-ferrous alloys afterselective separation by flotation Ghazy, S.;Kabil, M.; Analusis 1995-04-01 查看
Thermal degradation products of a N,N-dialkylamide: Identification byGC/EI-MS, GC/CI-MS and GC/FTIR Dagnac, T.;Guillot, J.;Roulph, C.;Le Cloirec, P.;Charbonnel, M.; Analusis 1995-04-01 查看
Preconcentration de traces d'uranium dans les eaux par extractionliquide-solide sur une resine MnO"2 pour determination par spectrometrie defluorescence X Ducos-Fonfrede, S.;Clanet, F.;Malingre, G.; Analusis 1995-04-01 查看
Determination by capillary gas chromatography of pyromellitic acid throughconversion to tetraethyltrifluoro and tetramethylesters Russo, M.;Goretti, G.;Liberti, A.; Analusis 1995-04-01 查看
Determination of ephedrine in human urine by square wave voltammetry with asepiolite-modified carbon paste electrode Chicharro, M.;Zapardiel, A.;Bermejo, E.;Perez-Lopez, J.;Hernandez, L.; Analusis 1995-04-01 查看
Use of the surfactant agents in the direct determination of zinc in milksamples by flame atomic absorption spectrometry Bermejo-Barrera, P.;Dominguez-Gonzalez, R.;Soto-Ferreiro, R.;Bermejo-Barrera, A.; Analusis 1995-04-01 查看
Dosage par CLHP du phosphate de monobutyle dans des solvants de typedodecane Ouhazza, M.;El Idrissi, M.;Huss, V.;Siouffi, A.; Analusis 1995-04-01 查看
Application de l'optimisation multicritere a la mise au point d'une analysepar thermoluminescence. Etude dese pices ionisees Fakirian, A.;Giamarchi, P.;Pouliquen, I.;Lesgards, G.;Sergent, M.;Phan-Tan-Luu, R.; Analusis 1995-04-01 查看
On-line NIR monitoring and optimisation for refining and petrochemicalprocesses Lambert, D.;Descales, B.;Llinas, J.;Espinosa, A.;Osta, S.;Sanchez, M.;Martens, A.; Analusis 1995-05-01 查看
Near infrared on-line analysis of motor octane number in gasoline with anacousto-optic tunable transmission spectrophotometer Prufer, H.;Mamma, D.; Analusis 1995-05-01 查看
Composition measurement in gasoline blending Kania, A.; Analusis 1995-05-01 查看
NIR on-line advanced control system for gasoline blender Lambert, D.;Descales, B.;Espinosa, A.;Sanchez, M.;Osta, S.;Gil, J.;Martens, A.;Valleur, M.; Analusis 1995-05-01 查看
Real world effects on univariate and multivariate calibrations Miller, K.; Analusis 1995-05-01 查看
Analyzers reduce gas blending 'give-away' Thomas, D.; Analusis 1995-05-01 查看
The influence of alkyl chain length on the retention of organic compoundsusing packings with specific surface properties Buszewski, B.;Lodkowski, R.; Analusis 1995-05-01 查看
Application of microwave digestion and electrothermal atomic absorptionspectrometry by reatomization from a second trapping surface to thedetermination of cadmium in plant and animal tissues Hocquellet, P.; Analusis 1995-05-01 查看
Determination of cobalt in vegetables by flame atomic absorptionspectrometry after preconcentration on activated carbon Yaman, M.;Gucer, S.; Analusis 1995-05-01 查看
Selective and quantitative determination of cobalt using some arsenazocompounds Zareh, M.;Amin, A.;El-Henawee, M.; Analusis 1995-05-01 查看
Simultaneous determination of titanium and tungsten with a double standardaddition method Ronghuan, H;Jianhua, W; Analusis 1995-05-01 查看
Molecular modeling as integral part of chemical research Wimmer, E.; Analusis 1995-07-01 查看
Integrated strategies in drug discovery Huston, S.; Analusis 1995-07-01 查看
Thin layer separation of transition metal chlorosulphates and quantitativespectrophotometric determination of cobalt chlorosulphate Mohammad, A.;Nasim, K.T.;Ahmad, J.;Najar, P.M.; Analusis 1995-07-01 查看
The slope ranking method for homoscedastic calibration lines Vankeerberghen, P.;Smeyers-Verbeke, J.;Massart, D.; Analusis 1995-07-01 查看
Evidence for the presence of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in the polaratmosphere and in the polar ice of Greenland Masclet, P.;Hoyau, V.;Jaffrezo, J.;Legrand, M.; Analusis 1995-07-01 查看
A new sensitive spectrophotometric method for speciation of copper in water Chandrawanshi, S.;Patel, K.; Analusis 1995-07-01 查看
Comparative study between liquid-liquid and solid-phase extraction ofprocymidone. Application to wine of La Rioja Saenz Barrio, C.;Perez, A.O.;Asensio, J.S.; Analusis 1995-07-01 查看
Thermal analysis of sapropelic coals Bodoev, NV;Gruber, R;Rokosova, NN;Wilhelm, JC; Analusis 1995-07-01 查看
Raman spectroscopy in solid state physics and material science. Theory,techniques and applications Lucazeau, G.;Abello, L.; Analusis 1995-09-01 查看
Fluorimetric determination of nitrate and nitrite Viriot, M.;Mahieuxe, B.;Carre, M.;Andre, J.; Analusis 1995-09-01 查看
Voltammetric determination of the herbicides thiram and disulfiram with acobalt phtalocyanine modified carbon paste electrode Fernandez, C.;Reviejo, A.;Pingarron, J.; Analusis 1995-09-01 查看
In situ pulsed Raman study of the growth process of diamond films in amicrowave plasma assisted CVD reactor Mermoux, M.;Fayette, L.;Marcus, B.;Rosman, N.;Abello, L.;Lucazeau, G.; Analusis 1995-09-01 查看
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