Reproducibility of semi-automated cell cycle analysis of flow cytometricDNA-histograms of fresh breast cancer material Bergers, E.;van Diest, P.J.;Baak, J.P.A.; Analytical Cellular Pathology 1995-01-01 查看
Quantitative immunohistochemistry using the CAS 200486 image analysissystem in invasive breast carcinoma: a reproducibility study Makkink-Nombrado, S.V.;Baak, J.P.A.;Schuurmans, L.;Theeuwes, J.-W.;van der Aa, T.; Analytical Cellular Pathology 1995-04-01 查看
Classification of colorectal adenomas with quantitative pathology.Evaluation of morphometry, stereology, mitotic counts and syntacticstructure analysis Meijer, G.A.;Meuwissen, S.G.M.;Baak, J.P.A.; Analytical Cellular Pathology 1995-12-01 查看
'Blind' multicenter evaluation of the prognostic value of DNA imagecytometric and morphometric features in invasive breast cancer Theissig, F.;Baak, J.P.A.;Schuurmans, L.;Haroske, G.;Meyer, W.;Kunze, K.D.; Analytical Cellular Pathology 1996-03-01 查看
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