Reproducibility of semi-automated cell cycle analysis of flow cytometricDNA-histograms of fresh breast cancer material Bergers, E.;van Diest, P.J.;Baak, J.P.A.; Analytical Cellular Pathology 1995-01-01 查看
Flow cytometric DNA analysis of fine-needle aspirates of prostatic benignlesions Paz-Bouza, J.I.;Abad, M.;Orfao, A.;Garcia, C.;Ciudad, J.;Lopez, A.;Bullon, A.; Analytical Cellular Pathology 1995-04-01 查看
Aneuploidy occurrence in human tumours: a logical-automaton approach Kiss, R.;Salmon, I.;Kruczynski, A.;Camby, I.;Pasteels, J.-L.;Van Ham, P.; Analytical Cellular Pathology 1995-09-01 查看
Immunocytometric determination of the @a and @b isoforms of human DNAtopoisomerase II: influence of different fixatives Prosperi, E.;Negri, C.;Bottiroli, G.;Ricotti, G.C.B.A.; Analytical Cellular Pathology 1996-03-01 查看
Interest of targeting AgNORs measurement in cycling cells: in vivo cellkinetic evaluation of non-small cell lung cancer Bigras, G.;Marcelpoil, R.;Brambilla, E.;Brugal, G.; Analytical Cellular Pathology 1996-08-01 查看
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