Rapid screening method for Schistosoma japonicum infection usingquestionnaires in flood area of the People's Republic of China Tan, H.;Yang, M.;Wu, Z.;Zhou, J.;Liu, A.;Li, S.;Yang, T.;Zhou, Y.;Sun, Z.; Acta Tropica 2004-03-01 查看
Advances with the Chinese anthelminthic drug tribendimidine in clinicaltrials and laboratory investigations Xiao, S.H.;Utzinger, J.;Tanner, M.;Keiser, J.;Xue, J.; Acta Tropica 2013-05-01 查看
An ultra-sensitive assay targeting the circulating anodic antigen forthe diagnosis of Schistosoma japonicum in a low-endemic area, People'sRepublic of China van Dam, G.J.;Xu, J.;Bergquist, R.;de Dood, C.J.;Utzinger, J.;Qin, Z.Q.;Guan, W.;Feng, T.;Yu, X.L.;Zhou, J.;Zheng, M.;Zhou, X.N.;Corstjens, P.L.A.M.; Acta Tropica 2015-01-01 查看
Schistosomiasis japonica: Modelling as a tool to explore transmissionpatterns Xu, J.F.;Lv, S.;Wang, Q.Y.;Qian, M.B.;Liu, Q.;Bergquist, R.;Zhou, X.N.; Acta Tropica 2015-01-01 查看
Control of soil-transmitted helminthiasis in Yunnan province, People'sRepublic of China: Experiences and lessons from a 5-year multi-interventiontrial Steinmann, P.;Yap, P.;Utzinger, J.;Du, Z.W.;Jiang, J.Y.;Chen, R.;Wu, F.W.;Chen, J.X.;Zhou, H.;Zhou, X.N.; Acta Tropica 2015-01-01 查看
Eco-social determinants of Schistosoma japonicum infection supported bymulti-level modelling in Eryuan county, People's Republic of China Yang, K.;Zhou, X.N.;Jia, T.W.;Yang, G.J.;Wu, X.H.;Shi, X.W.;Li, H.J.;Steinmann, P.;Utzinger, J.;Bergquist, R.; Acta Tropica 2015-01-01 查看
Interplay between environment, agriculture and infectious diseases ofpoverty: Case studies in China Yang, G.J.;Utzinger, J.;Zhou, X.N.; Acta Tropica 2015-01-01 查看
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