Efficacy of second line drugs on antimonyl-resistant amastigotes ofLeishmania infantum Sereno, D.;Holzmuller, P.;Lemesre, J.L.; Acta Tropica 2000-01-05 查看
Disinfectants/antiseptics in the management of guinea worm ulcers in therural areas Ogunniyi, T.A.B.;Oni, P.O.;Juba, A.;Asaolu, S.O.;Kolawole, D.O.; Acta Tropica 2000-01-05 查看
In vitro antimalarial activity of trovafloxacin, a fourth-generationfluoroquinolone Hamzah, J.;Skinner-Adams, T.;Davis, T.M.E.; Acta Tropica 2000-01-05 查看
Development of Wuchereria bancrofti in Culex quinquefasciatus that survivedthe exposure of sub-lethal dose of Bacillus sphaericus as larvae Gunasekaran, K.;Padmanaban, V.;Balaraman, K.; Acta Tropica 2000-01-05 查看
Sequence diversity of the merozoite surface protein 1 of Plasmodiumfalciparum in clinical isolates from the Kilombero District, Tanzania Jiang, G.;Daubenberger, C.;Huber, W.;Matile, H.;Tanner, M.;Pluschke, G.; Acta Tropica 2000-01-05 查看
Analysis of Plasmodium falciparum infections in a village community inNorthern Nigeria: determination of msp2 genotypes and parasite-specific IgGresponses Engelbrecht, F.;Togel, E.;Beck, H.-P.;Enwezor, F.;Oettli, A.;Felger, I.; Acta Tropica 2000-01-05 查看
Gastrointestinal manifestations of acute falciparum malaria in children Sowunmi, A.;Ogundahunsi, O.A.T.;Falade, C.O.;Gbotosho, G.O.;Oduola, A.M.J.; Acta Tropica 2000-01-05 查看
Simple school questionnaires can map both Schistosoma mansoni andSchistosoma haematobium in the Democratic Republic of Congo Lengeler, C.;Makwala, J.;Ngimbi, D.;Utzinger, J.; Acta Tropica 2000-01-05 查看
Characterization of Leishmania sp. strains isolated from autochthonouscases of human cutaneous leishmaniasis in Santa Catarina State, southernBrazil Grisard, E.C.;Steindel, M.;Shaw, J.J.;Ishikawa, E.A.Y.;Carvalho-Pinto, C.J.;Eger-Mangrich, I.;Toma, H.K.;Lima, J.H.;Romanha, A.J.;Campbell, D.A.; Acta Tropica 2000-01-05 查看
An automated biological assay to determine levels of the trypanocidal drugmelarsoprol in biological fluids Onyango, J.D.;Burri, C.;Brun, R.; Acta Tropica 2000-01-05 查看
Physico-chemical properties of the trypanocidal drug melarsoprol Keiser, J.;Burri, C.; Acta Tropica 2000-01-05 查看
Study on the mechanical transmission by tsetse fly Glossina morsitanscentralis of Trypanosoma vivax, T. congolense or T. brucei brucei to goats Moloo, S.K.;Kabata, J.M.;Gitire, N.M.; Acta Tropica 2000-01-05 查看
A survey on canine leishmaniasis in western Turkey by parasite, DNA andantibody detection assays Ozbel, Y.;Oskam, L.;Ozensoy, S.;Turgay, N.;Alkan, M.Z.;Jaffe, C.L.;Ozcel, M.A.; Acta Tropica 2000-01-05 查看
Ivermectin: concentration-dependent effects on adenosine triphosphatases inadult worms of Onchocerca volvulus Shu, E.N.;Okonkwo, P.O.;Batey, W.O.;Onyeanusi, J.; Acta Tropica 2000-01-05 查看
The effects of prophylactic anthelmintic treatment on the productivity oftraditionally managed Djallonke sheep and West African Dwarf goats keptunder high trypanosomosis risk Osaer, S.;Goossens, B.;Eysker, M.;Geerts, S.; Acta Tropica 2000-01-05 查看
Editorial(s) Acta Tropica 2000-02-05 查看
Melioidosis as an emerging global problem Dance, D.A.B.; Acta Tropica 2000-02-05 查看
The epidemiology of melioidosis in Australia and Papua New Guinea Currie, B.J.;Fisher, D.A.;Howard, D.M.;Burrow, J.N.C.;Selvanayagam, S.;Snelling, P.L.;Anstey, N.M.;Mayo, M.J.; Acta Tropica 2000-02-05 查看
Melioidosis in Southeast Asia Leelarasamee, A.; Acta Tropica 2000-02-05 查看
Recent advances in the treatment of severe melioidosis Chaowagul, W.; Acta Tropica 2000-02-05 查看
Antimicrobial resistance in Burkholderia pseudomallei Vorachit, M.;Chongtrakool, P.;Arkomsean, S.;Boonsong, S.; Acta Tropica 2000-02-05 查看
Neurological melioidosis Currie, B.J.;Fisher, D.A.;Howard, D.M.;Burrow, J.N.C.; Acta Tropica 2000-02-05 查看
Animal melioidosis in Australia Choy, J.L.;Mayo, M.;Janmaat, A.;Currie, B.J.; Acta Tropica 2000-02-05 查看
Ecology of Burkholderia pseudomallei and the interactions betweenenvironmental Burkholderia spp. and human-animal hosts Dance, D.A.B.; Acta Tropica 2000-02-05 查看
Multiple replicons constitute the 6.5-megabase genome of Burkholderiapseudomallei Songsivilai, S.;Dharakul, T.; Acta Tropica 2000-02-05 查看
Molecular phylogeny of Burkholderia pseudomallei Pitt, T.L.;Trakulsomboon, S.;Dance, D.A.B.; Acta Tropica 2000-02-05 查看
Genome fingerprinting by pulsed-field gel electrophoresis of isolates ofBurkholderia pseudomallei from patients with melioidosis in Thailand Koonpaew, S.;Ubol, M.N.;Sirisinha, S.;White, N.J.;Chaiyaroj, S.C.; Acta Tropica 2000-02-05 查看
Use of multiplex PCR patterns as genetic markers for Burkholderiapseudomallei Wongratanacheewin, S.;Komutrin, K.;Sermswan, R.W.; Acta Tropica 2000-02-05 查看
Pathogenesis of and immunity to melioidosis Brett, P.J.;Woods, D.E.; Acta Tropica 2000-02-05 查看
Exopolysaccharides of Burkholderia pseudomallei Steinmetz, I.;Nimtz, M.;Wray, V.;Hauszler, S.;Reganzerowski, A.;Brenneke, B.; Acta Tropica 2000-02-05 查看
Protease production by Burkholderia pseudomallei and virulence in mice Gauthier, Y.P.;Thibault, F.M.;Paucod, J.C.;Vidal, D.R.; Acta Tropica 2000-02-05 查看
Shedding of lipopolysaccharide and 200-kDa surface antigen during the invitro growth of virulent Ara^- and avirulent Ara^+ Burkholderiapseudomallei Anuntagool, N.;Panichakul, T.;Aramsri, P.;Sirisinha, S.; Acta Tropica 2000-02-05 查看
Proinflammatory cytokine mRNA responses in experimental Burkholderiapseudomallei infection in mice Ulett, G.C.;Ketheesan, N.;Hirst, R.G.; Acta Tropica 2000-02-05 查看
Recent developments in laboratory diagnosis of melioidosis Sirisinha, S.;Anuntagool, N.;Dharakul, T.;Ekpo, P.;Wongratanacheewin, S.;Naigowit, P.;Petchclai, B.;Thamlikitkul, V.;Suputtamongkol, Y.; Acta Tropica 2000-02-05 查看
Comparison of three PCR primer sets for diagnosis of septicemic melioidosis Kunakorn, M.;Raksakait, K.;Sethaudom, C.;Sermswan, R.W.;Dharakul, T.; Acta Tropica 2000-02-05 查看
Index Acta Tropica 2000-02-05 查看
Index Acta Tropica 2000-02-05 查看
Intralesional autotherapy of cutaneous leishmaniasis with buffy coat cells:cytological findings Dabiri, S.;Meymandi, S.S.;Hayes, M.M.;Soleimani, F.;Kharazmi, A.; Acta Tropica 2000-02-25 查看
Immunodiagnosis of human eosinophilic meningitis using an antigen ofAngiostrongylus cantonensis L"5 with molecular weight 204 kD Chye, S.-M.;Chang, J.-H.;Yen, C.-M.; Acta Tropica 2000-02-25 查看
Acute adenolymphangitis due to bancroftian filariasis in Rufiji district,south east Tanzania Gasarasi, D.B.;Premji, Z.G.;Mujinja, P.G.M.;Mpembeni, R.; Acta Tropica 2000-02-25 查看
Perinatal outcome in pregnancies booked for antenatal care but deliveredoutside health facilities in Calabar, Nigeria Etuk, S.J.;Etuk, I.S.;Ekott, M.I.;Udoma, E.J.; Acta Tropica 2000-02-25 查看
High levels of C-reactive protein in the peripheral blood during visceralleishmaniasis predict subsequent development of post kala-azar dermalleishmaniasis Gasim, S.;Theander, T.G.;ElHassan, A.M.; Acta Tropica 2000-02-25 查看
Immunogenicity and effectiveness of post-exposure rabies prophylaxis with anew chromatographically purified Vero-cell rabies vaccine (CPRV): atwo-stage randomised clinical trial in the Philippines Quiambao, B.P.;Lang, J.;Vital, S.;Montalban, C.G.;Le Mener, V.;Wood, S.C.;Miranda, E.; Acta Tropica 2000-02-25 查看
Clinical management and prevention of sexually transmitted diseases: areview focusing on women Brabin, L.; Acta Tropica 2000-02-25 查看
RAPD in the analysis of isolates of Entamoeba histolytica Gomes, M.A.;Melo, M.N.;Macedo, A.M.;Furst, C.;Silva, E.F.; Acta Tropica 2000-02-25 查看
Paleoparasitology of Chagas disease revaled by infected tissues fromChilean mummies Ferreira, L.F.;Britto, C.;Cardoso, M.A.;Fernandes, O.;Reinhard, K.;Araujo, A.; Acta Tropica 2000-02-25 查看
A comparison of Bulinus africanus group species (Planorbidae; Gastropoda)by use of the internal transcribed spacer 1 region combined bymorphological and anatomical characters Raahauge, P.;Kristensen, T.K.; Acta Tropica 2000-02-25 查看
Study of the dog population and the rabies control activities in theMirigama area of Sri Lanka Matter, H.C.;Wandeler, A.I.;Neuenschwander, B.E.;Harischandra, L.P.A.;Meslin, F.X.; Acta Tropica 2000-02-25 查看
Feeding patterns of three sympatric tsetse species (Glossina spp.)(Diptera: Glossinidae) in the preforest zone of Cote d'Ivoire Spath, J.; Acta Tropica 2000-02-25 查看
Why do we need standard genetic nomenclature for parasite genes and geneproducts? Clayton, C.; Acta Tropica 2000-02-25 查看
Patterns of reinfection following praziquantel treatment of urinaryschistosomiasis at a period of low transmission Ofoezie, I.E.; Acta Tropica 2000-02-25 查看
Treatment with ivermectin reduces the high prevalence of scabies in avillage in Papua New Guinea Bockarie, M.J.;Alexander, N.D.E.;Kazura, J.W.;Bockarie, F.;Griffin, L.;Alpers, M.P.; Acta Tropica 2000-02-25 查看
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