Modulating effect of alcohol use on cocaine use - Patient edition Magura, S.;Rosenblum, A.; Addictive Behaviors 2000-01-01 查看
A latent variable analysis of coexisting emotional deficits in substanceabusers - Alexithymia, hostility, and ptsd Handelsman, L.;Stein, J.A.;Bernstein, D.P.;Oppenheim, S.E.;Rosenblum, A.;Magura, S.; Addictive Behaviors 2000-05-01 查看
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Factor structure of the Conners Adult ADHD Rating Scale (CAARS) forsubstance users Cleland, C.;Magura, S.;Foote, J.;Rosenblum, A.;Kosanke, N.; Addictive Behaviors 2006-07-01 查看
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