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Prevention of smoking in Middle School Students: Psychometricassessment of the Temptations to Try Smoking Scale McGee, H.A.;Babbin, S.F.;Redding, C.;Paiva, A.;Oatley, K.;Meier, K.S.;Harrington, M.;Velicer, W.F.; Addictive Behaviors 2012-04-01 查看
Testing demographic differences for alcohol use initiation amongadolescents for the decisional balance and situational temptationprevention inventories Sillice, M.A.;Paiva, A.L.;Babbin, S.F.;McGee, H.A.;Rossi, J.S.;Redding, C.A.;Meier, K.S.;Oatley, K.;Velicer, W.F.; Addictive Behaviors 2014-09-01 查看
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