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The development of alcohol use and outcome expectancies among AmericanIndian young adults: A growth mixture model The Pathways of Choice Team;Mitchell, C.M.;Beals, J.; Addictive Behaviors 2006-01-01 查看
The Type A-Type B classification in a community sample of problemdrinkers: Structural and predictive validity Carpenter, K.M.;Liu, X.;Hasin, D.S.; Addictive Behaviors 2006-01-01 查看
Identifying high- and low-success smoking cessation subgroups usingsignal detection analysis Norman, S.B.;Norman, G.J.;Rossi, J.S.;Prochaska, J.O.; Addictive Behaviors 2006-01-01 查看
Motivation to quit using cigarettes: A review McCaul, K.D.;Hockemeyer, J.R.;Johnson, R.J.;Zetocha, K.;Quinlan, K.;Glasgow, R.E.; Addictive Behaviors 2006-01-01 查看
The relationship between smoker and nonsmoker prototypes and smokingstatus among 14-year-old Norwegians Skalle, S.;Rise, J.; Addictive Behaviors 2006-01-01 查看
Course of functioning 1 year following admission for treatment ofalcohol use disorders Maisto, S.A.;Zywiak, W.H.;Connors, G.J.; Addictive Behaviors 2006-01-01 查看
Predictors of disclosure of continued cocaine use Tassiopoulos, K.;Bernstein, J.;Heeren, T.;Levenson, S.;Hingson, R.;Bernstein, E.; Addictive Behaviors 2006-01-01 查看
Prevalence and correlates of current depressive symptomatology among acommunity sample of MDMA users in Ohio Falck, R.S.;Wang, J.;Carlson, R.G.;Siegal, H.A.; Addictive Behaviors 2006-01-01 查看
Adolescent smoking and drinking: The role of communal mastery and othersocial influences Piko, B.F.; Addictive Behaviors 2006-01-01 查看
Smoking cessation for weight-concerned women: Group vs. individuallytailored, dietary, and weight-control follow-up sessions Copeland, A.L.;Martin, P.D.;Geiselman, P.J.;Rash, C.J.;Kendzor, D.E.; Addictive Behaviors 2006-01-01 查看
Correlates of comorbid PTSD and drinking problems among sexual assaultsurvivors Ullman, S.E.;Filipas, H.H.;Townsend, S.M.;Starzynski, L.L.; Addictive Behaviors 2006-01-01 查看
Adolescent smoking and depression: Which comes first? Steuber, T.L.;Danner, F.; Addictive Behaviors 2006-01-01 查看
Risk and benefit perceptions of party drug use White, B.;Degenhardt, L.;Breen, C.;Bruno, R.;Newman, J.;Proudfoot, P.; Addictive Behaviors 2006-01-01 查看
Determinants of stages of smoking uptake among secondary school students Baade, P.D.;Stanton, W.R.; Addictive Behaviors 2006-01-01 查看
Truancy and illicit drug use among adolescents surveyed via streetoutreach Chou, L.C.;Ho, C.Y.;Chen, C.Y.;Chen, W.J.; Addictive Behaviors 2006-01-01 查看
Development and validation of Decisional Balance and Temptationsmeasures for Bulgarian adolescent smokers Anatchkova, M.D.;Redding, C.A.;Rossi, J.S.; Addictive Behaviors 2006-01-01 查看
Comparison of Web and mail surveys for studying secondary consequencesassociated with substance use: Evidence for minimal mode effects McCabe, S.E.;Couper, M.P.;Cranford, J.A.;Boyd, C.J.; Addictive Behaviors 2006-01-01 查看
Negative affect words prime beer consumption in young drinkers Zack, M.;Poulos, C.X.;Fragopoulos, F.;Woodford, T.M.;MacLeod, C.M.; Addictive Behaviors 2006-01-01 查看
Drug Stroop performance: Relationships with primary substance of useand treatment outcome in a drug-dependent outpatient sample Carpenter, K.M.;Schreiber, E.;Church, S.;McDowell, D.; Addictive Behaviors 2006-01-01 查看
Automatic associations with the sensory aspects of smoking: Positive inhabitual smokers but negative in non-smokers Huijding, J.;de Jong, P.J.; Addictive Behaviors 2006-01-01 查看
Gender related effects of heroin abuse on the simple reaction time task Liu, N.;Zhou, D.;Li, B.;Ma, Y.;Hu, X.; Addictive Behaviors 2006-01-01 查看
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Predictors of the participation of smoking parents in a proactivetelephone-based smoking cessation program Mak, Y.W.;Loke, A.Y.;Lam, T.H.;Abdullah, A.S.; Addictive Behaviors 2006-10-01 查看
Autonomy (vs. sociotropy) and depressive symptoms in quitting smoking:Evidence for trait-congruence and the role of gender Westmaas, J.L.;Ferrence, R.;Wild, T.C.; Addictive Behaviors 2006-10-01 查看
Associations between disordered eating behaviors and licit and illicitsubstance use and abuse in a university sample Piran, N.;Robinson, S.R.; Addictive Behaviors 2006-10-01 查看
Tobacco dependence, risk perceptions and self-efficacy among KoreanAmerican smokers Ma, G.X.;Fang, C.Y.;Knauer, C.A.;Tan, Y.;Shive, S.E.; Addictive Behaviors 2006-10-01 查看
Postpartum return to smoking: Identifying different groups to tailorinterventions Thyrian, J.R.;Hannover, W.;Roske, K.;Rumpf, H.J.;John, U.;Hapke, U.; Addictive Behaviors 2006-10-01 查看
Substance abuse amplifies the risk for violence in schizophreniaspectrum disorder Erkiran, M.;Ozunalan, H.;Evren, C.;Aytaclar, S.;Kirisci, L.;Tarter, R.; Addictive Behaviors 2006-10-01 查看
Smoking as a decision among pregnant and non-pregnant women Ortendahl, M.; Addictive Behaviors 2006-10-01 查看
Incapacitated rape and alcohol use: A prospective analysis Kaysen, D.;Neighbors, C.;Martell, J.;Fossos, N.;Larimer, M.E.; Addictive Behaviors 2006-10-01 查看
Improvement in measures of psychological distress amongst amphetaminemisusers treated with brief cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) Feeney, G.F.X.;Connor, J.P.;Young, R.McD.;Tucker, J.;McPherson, A.; Addictive Behaviors 2006-10-01 查看
Who drinks and why? A review of socio-demographic, personality, andcontextual issues behind the drinking motives in young people Kuntsche, E.;Knibbe, R.;Gmel, G.;Engels, R.; Addictive Behaviors 2006-10-01 查看
Social pressure, coercion, and client engagement at treatment entry: Aself-determination theory perspective Wild, T.C.;Cunningham, J.A.;Ryan, R.M.; Addictive Behaviors 2006-10-01 查看
Nicotine use and dependence and their association to psychiatricdisorders in a large sample of adolescent psychiatric inpatients STUDY-70 workgroup;Hakko, H.;Lintunen, J.;Lappalainen, J.;Makikyro, T.;Rasanen, P.;Timonen, M.; Addictive Behaviors 2006-10-01 查看
A preliminary report on the use of virtual reality technology to elicitcraving and cue reactivity in cocaine dependent individuals Saladin, M.E.;Brady, K.T.;Graap, K.;Rothbaum, B.O.; Addictive Behaviors 2006-10-01 查看
Reported distress associated with concern about a cigarette smoker Thomas, J.L.;Patten, C.A.;Offord, K.P.;Clark, M.M.;Schroeder, D.R.;Nirelli, L.M.;Bronars, C.A.;Cowles, M.L.; Addictive Behaviors 2006-10-01 查看
Does this patient really want treatment? Factors associated withbaseline and evolving readiness for change among hospitalized substanceusing adults interested in treatment Pollini, R.A.;O'Toole, T.P.;Ford, D.;Bigelow, G.; Addictive Behaviors 2006-10-01 查看
The consumption of alcohol by Australian adolescents: A comparison ofrevenue and expenditure Doran, C.M.;Gascoigne, M.B.;Shakeshaft, A.P.;Petrie, D.; Addictive Behaviors 2006-10-01 查看
Gender differences in predictors of drinking behavior in adolescents Yeh, M.Y.;Chiang, I.C.;Huang, S.Y.; Addictive Behaviors 2006-10-01 查看
Initial evaluation of a real-world self-help smoking cessationprogramme for adolescents and young adults Hanewinkel, R.;Wiborg, G.; Addictive Behaviors 2006-10-01 查看
Editorial Board Addictive Behaviors 2006-11-01 查看
Use of pharmacotherapies for the management of addictive behaviours inAustralian clinical practice Doran, C.M.;Duszynski, K.M.;Beilby, J.J.;Mattick, R.P.; Addictive Behaviors 2006-11-01 查看
Risk factors for alcohol misuse: Examining heart rate reactivity toalcohol, alcohol sensitivity, and personality constructs Ray, L.A.;McGeary, J.;Marshall, E.;Hutchison, K.E.; Addictive Behaviors 2006-11-01 查看
A 12-year follow-up study of psychiatric symptomatology amongcocaine-dependent men Herbeck, D.M.;Hser, Y.I.;Lu, A.T.H.;Stark, M.E.;Paredes, A.; Addictive Behaviors 2006-11-01 查看
Relations among parental substance use, violence exposure and mentalhealth: The national survey of adolescents Hanson, R.F.;Self-Brown, S.;Fricker-Elhai, A.;Kilpatrick, D.G.;Saunders, B.E.;Resnick, H.; Addictive Behaviors 2006-11-01 查看
Well-being, psychosocial factors, and side-effects amongheroin-dependent inpatients after detoxification using buprenorphine versusclonidine Ponizovsky, A.M.;Grinshpoon, A.;Margolis, A.;Cohen, R.;Rosca, P.; Addictive Behaviors 2006-11-01 查看
Alcohol and violence: Comparison of the psychosocial correlates ofadolescent involvement in alcohol-related physical fighting versus otherphysical fighting Swahn, M.H.;Donovan, J.E.; Addictive Behaviors 2006-11-01 查看
Genetic correlations between smoking initiation and smoking behaviorsin a twin sample Hardie, T.L.;Moss, H.B.;Lynch, K.G.; Addictive Behaviors 2006-11-01 查看
The role of drug use outcome expectancies in substance abuse risk: Aninteractional-transformational model Leventhal, A.M.;Schmitz, J.M.; Addictive Behaviors 2006-11-01 查看
The association of substance use disorders with trauma exposure andPTSD among African American drug users Johnson, S.D.;Striley, C.;Cottler, L.B.; Addictive Behaviors 2006-11-01 查看
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