Simulation of Durum Wheat (Triticum turgidum ssp. Durum) Growth underDifferent Water and Nitrogen Regimes in a Mediterranean Environment usingCropSyst Pala, M.;Stockle, C.O.;Harris, H.C.; Agricultural Systems 1996-06-01 查看
Evaluating CropSyst Simulations of Wheat Management in a Wheat-FallowRegion of the US Pacific Northwest Pannkuk, C.D.;Stockle, C.O.;Papendick, R.I.; Agricultural Systems 1998-06-01 查看
Increasing profits and reducing risks in crop production usingparticipatory systems simulation approaches Meinke, H.;Baethgen, W.E.;Carberry, P.S.;Donatelli, M.;Hammer, G.L.;Selvaraju, R.;Stockle, C.O.; Agricultural Systems 2001-11-01 查看
A simulation-based analysis of productivity and soil carbon in responseto time-controlled rotational grazing in the West African Sahel region Badini, O.;Stockle, C.O.;Jones, J.W.;Nelson, R.;Kodio, A.;Keita, M.; Agricultural Systems 2007-04-01 查看
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