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Editorial Board Agricultural Systems 2014-01-01 查看
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Editorial Board Agricultural Systems 2014-02-01 查看
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Editorial Board Agricultural Systems 2014-04-01 查看
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Functions and limitations of farmer cooperatives as innovationintermediaries: Findings from China Yang, H.;Klerkx, L.;Leeuwis, C.; Agricultural Systems 2014-05-01 查看
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Modelling ex-ante the economic and environmental impacts of GeneticallyModified Herbicide Tolerant maize cultivation in Europe Tillie, P.;Dillen, K.;Rodriguez-Cerezo, E.; Agricultural Systems 2014-05-01 查看
Editorial Board Agricultural Systems 2014-05-01 查看
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Editorial Board Agricultural Systems 2014-06-01 查看
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From transfer to translation: Using systemic understandings oftechnology to understand drip irrigation uptake Garb, Y.;Friedlander, L.; Agricultural Systems 2014-06-01 查看
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