A look at the visual modeling of plants using L-systems Prusinkiewicz, P.; Agronomie 1999-03-01 查看
Calibration of a hydraulic architecture-based growth model of cotton plants de Reffye, P.;Blaise, F.;Chemouny, S.;Jaffuel, S.;Fourcaud, T.;Houllier, F.; Agronomie 1999-03-01 查看
Do changes in the azimuthal distribution of maize leaves over time affectcanopy light absorption? Drouet, J.-L.;Moulia, B.;Bonhomme, R.; Agronomie 1999-03-01 查看
Determination of the hydraulic properties of a Sahelian crusted soil. 2.Modelling the infiltration process Touma, J.;Perez, P.;Todoroff, P.; Agronomie 1999-06-01 查看
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