Physicians' Early Challenges Related to the Pneumococcal ConjugateVaccine Davis, M.M.;Andreae, M.;Freed, G.L.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2001-11-01 查看
Pediatricians' Views on Financial Barriers and Values for PneumococcalVaccine for Children Lieu, T.A.;Finkelstein, J.A.;Adams, M.M.;Miroshnik, I.L.;Lett, S.M.;Palfrey, S.;Freed, G.L.;Kleinman, K.;Ray, G.T.;Platt, R.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2002-09-01 查看
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Receipt of Specialty Eye Care by Children Kemper, A.R.;Bruckman, D.;Freed, G.L.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2003-09-01 查看
When Insurance Status Is Not Static: Insurance Transitions ofLow-Income Children and Implications for Health and Health Care Aiken, K.D.;Freed, G.L.;Davis, M.M.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2004-05-01 查看
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