Note From the Editor-in-Chief Ambulatory Pediatrics 2005-01-01 查看
Ambulatory Pediatric Association Policy Statement Etzel, R.A.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2005-01-01 查看
Health Care for Children and Youth in the United States: Annual Reporton Patterns of Coverage, Utilization, Quality, and Expenditures by Income Simpson, L.;Owens, P.L.;Zodet, M.W.;Chevarley, F.M.;Dougherty, D.;Elixhauser, A.;McCormick, M.C.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2005-01-01 查看
Creating an Analytic Voice in the Policy Storm Wise, P.H.;Chamberlain, L.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2005-01-01 查看
Responsible Research Involving Children Field, M.J.;Behrman, R.E.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2005-01-01 查看
Parent-Adolescent Communication About Sex in Filipino AmericanFamilies: A Demonstration of Community-Based Participatory Research Chung, P.J.;Borneo, H.;Kilpatrick, S.D.;Lopez, D.M.;Travis, R.;Lui, C.;Khandwala, S.;Schuster, M.A.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2005-01-01 查看
Health Literacy Among Spanish-Speaking Latino Parents With LimitedEnglish Proficiency Leyva, M.;Sharif, I.;Ozuah, P.O.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2005-01-01 查看
Delayed or Forgone Care Among Children With Special Health Care Needs:An Analysis of the 2001 National Survey of Children With Special HealthCare Needs Huang, Z.J.;Kogan, M.D.;Yu, S.M.;Strickland, B.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2005-01-01 查看
Book Review Schuster, M.A.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2005-01-01 查看
Underuse of Controller Medications Among Children With PersistentAsthma in the Ohio Medicaid Population: Evolving Differences With NewMedications Wilson, S.E.;Leonard, A.;Moomaw, C.;Schneeweiss, S.;Eckman, M.H.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2005-03-01 查看
Caring for the Underserved: Using Patient and Physician Focus Groups toInform Curriculum Development Hobson, W.L.;Avant-Mier, R.;Cochella, S.;Van Hala, S.;Stanford, J.;Alder, S.C.;Croskell, S.E.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2005-03-01 查看
Factors Affecting Pediatricians' Reporting of Suspected ChildMaltreatment Gunn, V.L.;Hickson, G.B.;Cooper, W.O.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2005-03-01 查看
Emergency Department Utilization by Children in Foster Care Jee, S.H.;Antonucci, T.C.;Aida, M.;Szilagyi, M.A.;Szilagyi, P.G.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2005-03-01 查看
Overweight Status of Adolescent Girls With Polycystic Ovary Syndrome:Body Mass Index as Mediator of Quality of Life Trent, M.;Austin, S.B.;Rich, M.;Gordon, C.M.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2005-03-01 查看
Precepting Genital Exams: Challenges in Implementing a ComplexEducational Intervention in the Continuity Clinic Leder, M.R.;French, G.M.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2005-03-01 查看
Internet and Computer Access and Use for Health Information in anUnderserved Community Kind, T.;Huang, Z.J.;Farr, D.;Pomerantz, K.L.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2005-03-01 查看
Perceptions About Computers and the Internet in a Pediatric ClinicPopulation Carroll, A.E.;Zimmerman, F.J.;Rivara, F.P.;Ebel, B.E.;Christakis, D.A.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2005-03-01 查看
Viewing Effects of the FY 2006 Federal Budget on Children, Youth, andFamilies Perrin, J.M.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2005-03-01 查看
The Step II Clinical Skills Exam Krupat, E.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2005-03-01 查看
Measuring the Effectiveness of a Collaborative for Quality Improvementin Pediatric Asthma Care: Does Implementing the Chronic Care Model ImproveProcesses and Outcomes of Care? Mangione-Smith, R.;Schonlau, M.;Chan, K.S.;Keesey, J.;Rosen, M.;Louis, T.A.;Keeler, E.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2005-03-01 查看
Task-Oriented Processes in Care (TOPIC) Model in Ambulatory Care Ringenberg, L.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2005-05-01 查看
Qualitative Research and Ambulatory Pediatrics Co, J.P.;Perrin, J.M.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2005-05-01 查看
Children's Health, the Nation's Wealth: Assessing and Improving ChildHealth Stein, R.E.K.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2005-05-01 查看
Equity, Social Determinants, and Children's Rights: Coming to GripsWith the Challenges Starfield, B.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2005-05-01 查看
Improving Guideline Adherence for the Diagnosis of ADHD in anAmbulatory Pediatric Setting Olson, B.G.;Rosenbaum, P.F.;Dosa, N.P.;Roizen, N.J.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2005-05-01 查看
Does Parents' Evaluation of Developmental Status at School EntryPredict Language, Achievement, and Quality of Life 2 Years Later? Wake, M.;Gerner, B.;Gallagher, S.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2005-05-01 查看
Preventing and Treating Obesity: Pediatricians' Self-Efficacy,Barriers, Resources, and Advocacy Miller Perrin, E.;Flower, K.B.;Garrett, J.;Ammerman, A.S.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2005-05-01 查看
Provider Adoption of Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine and the Impact ofVaccine Shortages Daley, M.F.;Crane, L.A.;Beaty, B.L.;Barrow, J.;Pearson, K.;Stevenson, J.M.;Berman, S.;Kempe, A.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2005-05-01 查看
Toward the Development of Advocacy Training Curricula for PediatricResidents: A National Delphi Study Wright, C.J.;Katcher, M.L.;Blatt, S.D.;Keller, D.M.;Mundt, M.P.;Botash, A.S.;Gjerde, C.L.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2005-05-01 查看
Melatonin Treatment of Pediatric Residents for Adaptation to NightShift Work Cavallo, A.;Ris, M.D.;Succop, P.;Jaskiewicz, J.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2005-05-01 查看
Teaching About Schools During Pediatric Residency Starr, S.;Perrin, E.C.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2005-05-01 查看
A Sampling Bias in Identifying Children in Foster Care Using MedicaidData Rubin, D.M.;Pati, S.;Luan, X.;Alessandrini, E.A.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2005-05-01 查看
Insuring Children's Health Care: A Call for Papers Perrin, J.M.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2005-07-01 查看
Forging a Poison Prevention and Control System: Report of an Instituteof Medicine Committee The Institute of Medicine Committee on Poison Prevention and Control;Guyer, B.;Mavor, A.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2005-07-01 查看
Diagnostic Practices for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: ANational Survey of Primary Care Physicians Chan, E.;Hopkins, M.R.;Perrin, J.M.;Herrerias, C.;Homer, C.J.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2005-07-01 查看
Effectiveness of a Primary Care Intervention to Support Reading Aloud:A Multicenter Evaluation Needlman, R.;Toker, K.H.;Dreyer, B.P.;Klass, P.;Mendelsohn, A.L.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2005-07-01 查看
The Impact of the Interview in Pediatric Residency Selection Swanson, W.S.;Catherine Harris, M.;Master, C.;Gallagher, P.R.;Mauro, A.E.;Ludwig, S.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2005-07-01 查看
Changes in Pediatric Residents' Perceptions of Their ContinuityExperience During Their Training: A National Study Continuity Research Network (CORNET) of the Ambulatory Pediatric;Association;Feigelman, S.;Olsson, J.;Drutz, J.;Dungy, C.I.;Lopreiato, J.;Serwint, J.R.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2005-07-01 查看
Where Do Graduating Pediatric Residents Seek Practice Positions? Cull, W.L.;Chang, C.h.;Goodman, D.C.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2005-07-01 查看
Securing a Faculty Position: A Practical Guide for Residents, Fellows,Junior Faculty, and Their Mentors Dungy, C.I.;DeWitt, T.G.;Nelson, K.G.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2005-07-01 查看
Dropping the Shelf Examination: Does It Affect Student Performance onthe United States Medical Licensure Examination Step 2? Rockney, R.M.;Allister, R.G.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2005-07-01 查看
Training of Health Care Professionals on the Special Needs of Childrenin the Management of Disasters: Experience in Asia, Africa, and LatinAmerica Olness, K.;Sinha, M.;Herran, M.;Cheren, M.;Pairojkul, S.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2005-07-01 查看
Cranberry Use Among Pediatric Nephrology Patients Super, E.A.;Kemper, K.J.;Woods, C.;Nagaraj, S.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2005-07-01 查看
Improved Documentation of Wound Care With a Structured Encounter Formin the Pediatric Emergency Department Kanegaye, J.T.;Cheng, J.C.;Ian McCaslin, R.;Trocinski, D.;Silva, P.D.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2005-07-01 查看
Are Residents Ready for Self-Directed Learning? A Pilot Program ofIndividualized Learning Plans in Continuity Clinic Stuart, E.;Sectish, T.C.;Huffman, L.C.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2005-09-01 查看
Evidence-Based Medicine in Pediatric Residency Programs: Where Are WeNow? Kersten, H.B.;Randis, T.M.;Giardino, A.P.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2005-09-01 查看
Parental Beliefs About Medications and Medication Adherence Among UrbanChildren With Asthma Conn, K.M.;Halterman, J.S.;Fisher, S.G.;Yoos, H.L.;Chin, N.P.;Szilagyi, P.G.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2005-09-01 查看
Letter to the Editor Marshall, W.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2005-09-01 查看
Response Wilson, S.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2005-09-01 查看
Letter From the Editor Strengthening Residency Education in Pediatrics Perrin, J.M.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2005-09-01 查看
Armstrong Lecture 2005: If I Were King of Pediatrics Ludwig, S.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2005-09-01 查看
Burden of Illness for Children and Where We Stand in Measuring theQuality of This Health Care Miller, M.R.;Gergen, P.;Honour, M.;Zhan, C.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2005-09-01 查看
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