P1-53 Intrauterine (IUGR) growth retardation, gender, and age affectspecific components of the postnatal hepatic IGF-1 STAT5b histone code inrats Fu, Q.;McKnight, R.A.;Yu, X.;Callaway, C.W.;Men, P.;Joss-Moore, L.;Lane, R.H.; Early Human Development 2007-09-01 查看
P2-135 Intrauterine growth retardation (IUGR) affects the cerebralprotein protein interactions between p53 and histone deacetylases Ke, X.;Mcknight, R.A.;Callaway, C.W.;Yu, X.;Men, P.;Lane, R.H.; Early Human Development 2007-09-01 查看
1A-4 IUGR alters IGF1 receptor gene expression, DNA methylation andhistones acetylation in the brain Caprau, D.M.;O'Grady, S.P.;Callaway, C.W.;Hale, M.A.;Ke, X.;Yu, X.;Men, P.;McKnight, R.A.;Lane, R.H.; Early Human Development 2007-09-01 查看
2C-4 Maternal food restriction during pregnancy affects hepatic IGF-1mRNA and chromatin structure in the adult IUGR offspring Tosh, D.N.;Lane, R.H.;Callaway, C.W.;McKnight, R.A.;McMillen, I.C.;Ross, M.G.;Desai, M.; Early Human Development 2007-09-01 查看
6A-6 Intrauterine growth restriction reduces cerebral expression ofCYP19a and sex steroid receptors O'Grady, S.P.;Caprau, D.M.;Hale, M.A.;Yu, X.;Callaway, C.W.;McKnight, R.A.;Moyer-Mileur, L.;Lane, R.H.; Early Human Development 2007-09-01 查看
IUGR decreases PPAR@c and SETD8 Expression in neonatal rat lung andthese effects are ameliorated by maternal DHA supplementation Joss-Moore, L.A.;Wang, Y.;Baack, M.L.;Yao, J.;Norris, A.W.;Yu, X.;Callaway, C.W.;McKnight, R.A.;Albertine, K.H.;Lane, R.H.; Early Human Development 2010-12-01 查看
Uteroplacental insufficiency increases visceral adiposity and visceraladipose PPAR@?2 expression in male rat offspring prior to the onset ofobesity Joss-Moore, L.A.;Wang, Y.;Campbell, M.S.;Moore, B.;Yu, X.;Callaway, C.W.;McKnight, R.A.;Desai, M.;Moyer-Mileur, L.J.;Lane, R.H.; Early Human Development 2010-03-01 查看
Mechanical-tactile stimulation (MTS) during neonatal stress preventshyperinsulinemia despite stress-induced adiposity in weanling rat pups Moyer-Mileur, L.J.;Haley, S.;Gulliver, K.;Thomson, A.;Slater, H.;Barrett, B.;Joss-Moore, L.A.;Callaway, C.;McKnight, R.A.;Moore, B.;Lane, R.H.; Early Human Development 2011-03-01 查看
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