Circulating adipocyte fatty acid binding protein levels in healthypreterm infants: Positive correlation with weight gain andtotal-cholesterol levels Siahanidou, T.;Margeli, A.;Davradou, M.;Apostolakou, F.;Papassotiriou, I.;Roma, E.;Mandyla, H.;Chrousos, G.; Early Human Development 2010-04-01 查看
Cardiovascular and metabolic outcome in 6-8year old offspring of womenwith type 1 diabetes with near-optimal glycaemic control during pregnancy Rijpert, M.;Evers, I.M.;de Valk, H.W.;de Vroede, M.A.M.J.;Tersteeg-Kamperman, M.;Heijnen, C.J.;Visser, G.H.A.; Early Human Development 2011-01-01 查看
Hyperglycemia and lower diet quality in pregnant overweight women andincreased infant size at birth and at 13months of age - STEPS study Makela, J.;Lagstrom, H.;Kaljonen, A.;Simell, O.;Niinikoski, H.; Early Human Development 2013-06-01 查看
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