Absorption and distribution of dietary fatty acids from different sources Ramrez, M.;Amate, L.;Gil, A.; Early Human Development 2001-11-01 查看
Evaluation of iodine, iron, and selenium in biological samples ofthyroid mother and their newly born babies Kazi, T.G.;Kandhro, G.A.;Sirajuddin;Afridi, H.I.;Baig, J.A.;Shah, A.Q.;Wadhwa, S.K.;Khan, S.;Kolachi, N.F.;Shaikh, H.u.R.; Early Human Development 2010-10-01 查看
Vitamin A administration using nasogastric tubes on behalf of the NeoVitaA Study Group;Meyer, S.;Gortner, L.;Monz, D.;Maurer, E.;Nohr, D.;Biesalski, H.K.; Early Human Development 2014-10-01 查看
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