Application of image analysis to the study of skin granulomas Esterre, P.;Guerret, S.;Grimaud, J.-A.; Analytical Cellular Pathology 1995-04-01 查看
Expression of c-erbB-2 and p53 in colorectal adenocarcinoma Sun, X.-F.;Carstensen, J.M.;Nordenskjold, B.; Analytical Cellular Pathology 1995-04-01 查看
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Quantitative immunochemistry of endothelial cells in cutaneous tissue Shen, N.;Souchier, C.;Benchaib, M.;Bryon, P.-A.;Dechavanne, M.; Analytical Cellular Pathology 1995-10-01 查看
Expression of c-erbB"2 oncogene product in different tumours and itsstandardised evaluation Tannapfel, A.;Kuhn, R.;Keszler, H.;Wittekind, C.; Analytical Cellular Pathology 1996-03-01 查看
A comparison of immunohistochemical staining of human cultured mesothelialcells and ovarian tumour cells using epithelial and mesothelial cellmarkers Radford, H.;Wilson, A.P.; Analytical Cellular Pathology 1996-08-01 查看
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