Crash dieting: The effects of eating and drinking on driving performance Young, M.S.;Mahfoud, J.M.;Walker, G.H.;Jenkins, D.P.;Stanton, N.A.; Accident Analysis & Prevention 2008-01-01 查看
The crash at Kerang: Investigating systemic and psychological factorsleading to unintentional non-compliance at rail level crossings Salmon, P.M.;Read, G.J.M.;Stanton, N.A.;Lenne, M.G.; Accident Analysis & Prevention 2013-01-01 查看
Assessing the 'system' in safe systems-based road designs: Usingcognitive work analysis to evaluate intersection designs Cornelissen, M.;Salmon, P.M.;Stanton, N.A.;McClure, R.; Accident Analysis & Prevention 2015-01-01 查看
Where do novice and experienced drivers direct their attention onapproach to urban rail level crossings? Young, K.L.;Lenne, M.G.;Beanland, V.;Salmon, P.M.;Stanton, N.A.; Accident Analysis & Prevention 2015-04-01 查看
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