Towards effective prevention and control of helminth neglected tropicaldiseases in the Western Pacific Region through multi-disease andmulti-sectoral interventions Nakagawa, J.;Ehrenberg, J.P.;Nealon, J.;Furst, T.;Aratchige, P.;Gonzales, G.;Chanthavisouk, C.;Hernandez, L.M.;Fengthong, T.;Utzinger, J.;Steinmann, P.; Acta Tropica 2015-01-01 查看
Editor/Editorial Board Acta Tropica 2015-01-01 查看
Progress in research, control and elimination of helminth infections inAsia Utzinger, J.;Brattig, N.W.;Leonardo, L.;Zhou, X.N.;Bergquist, R.; Acta Tropica 2015-01-01 查看
From gap analysis to solution and action: The RNAS^+ model Zhou, X.N.;Olveda, R.;Sripa, B.;Yang, G.J.;Leonardo, L.;Bergquist, R.; Acta Tropica 2015-01-01 查看
Health metrics for helminth infections King, C.H.; Acta Tropica 2015-01-01 查看
Towards improved diagnosis of neglected zoonotic trematodes using a OneHealth approach Johansen, M.V.;Lier, T.;Sithithaworn, P.; Acta Tropica 2015-01-01 查看
A new surveillance and response tool: Risk map of infected Oncomelaniahupensis detected by Loop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) frompooled samples Tong, Q.B.;Chen, R.;Zhang, Y.;Yang, G.J.;Kumagai, T.;Furushima-Shimogawara, R.;Lou, D.;Yang, K.;Wen, L.Y.;Lu, S.H.;Ohta, N.;Zhou, X.N.; Acta Tropica 2015-01-01 查看
Detection of active schistosome infection by cell-free circulating DNAof Schistosoma japonicum in highly endemic areas in Sorsogon Province, thePhilippines Kato-Hayashi, N.;Leonardo, L.R.;Arevalo, N.L.;Tagum, Ma.N.B.;Apin, J.;Agsolid, L.M.;Chua, J.C.;Villacorte, E.A.;Kirinoki, M.;Kikuchi, M.;Ohmae, H.;Haruki, K.;Chigusa, Y.; Acta Tropica 2015-01-01 查看
Morphological diversity of Trichuris spp. eggs observed during ananthelminthic drug trial in Yunnan, China, and relative performance ofparasitologic diagnostic tools Steinmann, P.;Rinaldi, L.;Cringoli, G.;Du, Z.W.;Marti, H.;Jiang, J.Y.;Zhou, H.;Zhou, X.N.;Utzinger, J.; Acta Tropica 2015-01-01 查看
An ultra-sensitive assay targeting the circulating anodic antigen forthe diagnosis of Schistosoma japonicum in a low-endemic area, People'sRepublic of China van Dam, G.J.;Xu, J.;Bergquist, R.;de Dood, C.J.;Utzinger, J.;Qin, Z.Q.;Guan, W.;Feng, T.;Yu, X.L.;Zhou, J.;Zheng, M.;Zhou, X.N.;Corstjens, P.L.A.M.; Acta Tropica 2015-01-01 查看
Evaluation of banked urine samples for the detection of circulatinganodic and cathodic antigens in Schistosoma mekongi and S. japonicuminfections: A proof-of-concept study van Dam, G.J.;Odermatt, P.;Acosta, L.;Bergquist, R.;de Dood, C.J.;Kornelis, D.;Muth, S.;Utzinger, J.;Corstjens, P.L.A.M.; Acta Tropica 2015-01-01 查看
Geostatistical modelling of soil-transmitted helminth infection inCambodia: Do socioeconomic factors improve predictions? Karagiannis-Voules, D.A.;Odermatt, P.;Biedermann, P.;Khieu, V.;Schar, F.;Muth, S.;Utzinger, J.;Vounatsou, P.; Acta Tropica 2015-01-01 查看
Schistosomiasis japonica: Modelling as a tool to explore transmissionpatterns Xu, J.F.;Lv, S.;Wang, Q.Y.;Qian, M.B.;Liu, Q.;Bergquist, R.;Zhou, X.N.; Acta Tropica 2015-01-01 查看
Subadventitial cystectomy in the management of biliary fistula withliver hydatid disease Lv, H.;Jiang, Y.;Peng, X.;Zhang, S.;Wu, X.;Yang, H.;Zhang, H.; Acta Tropica 2015-01-01 查看
Surveillance and response: Tools and approaches for the eliminationstage of neglected tropical diseases Bergquist, R.;Yang, G.J.;Knopp, S.;Utzinger, J.;Tanner, M.; Acta Tropica 2015-01-01 查看
Epidemiology and control of echinococcosis in central Asia, withparticular reference to the People's Republic of China Zhang, W.;Zhang, Z.;Wu, W.;Shi, B.;Li, J.;Zhou, X.;Wen, H.;McManus, D.P.; Acta Tropica 2015-01-01 查看
An ecological study of Bithynia snails, the first intermediate host ofOpisthorchis viverrini in northeast Thailand Wang, Y.C.;Ho, R.C.Y.;Feng, C.C.;Namsanor, J.;Sithithaworn, P.; Acta Tropica 2015-01-01 查看
Reprint of ''Experimental infection of Opisthorchis viverrini cercariaeto the cyprinid fish, Barbonymus gonionotus'' Donthaisong, C.;Arunsan, P.;Suwannatrai, K.;Prasopdee, S.;Kulsantiwong, J.;Wongmaneeprateep, S.;Suwannatrai, A.;Tesana, S.; Acta Tropica 2015-01-01 查看
Update on the distribution and phylogenetics of Biomphalaria(Gastropoda: Planorbidae) populations in Guangdong Province, China Attwood, S.W.;Huo, G.N.;Qiu, J.W.; Acta Tropica 2015-01-01 查看
Control of soil-transmitted helminthiasis in Yunnan province, People'sRepublic of China: Experiences and lessons from a 5-year multi-interventiontrial Steinmann, P.;Yap, P.;Utzinger, J.;Du, Z.W.;Jiang, J.Y.;Chen, R.;Wu, F.W.;Chen, J.X.;Zhou, H.;Zhou, X.N.; Acta Tropica 2015-01-01 查看
Perceived illness drives participation in mass deworming campaigns inLaos Phongluxa, K.;van Eeuwijk, P.;Soukhathammavong, P.A.;Akkhavong, K.;Odermatt, P.; Acta Tropica 2015-01-01 查看
Epidemiology of Strongyloides stercoralis on Mekong islands in southernLaos Vonghachack, Y.;Sayasone, S.;Bouakhasith, D.;Taisayavong, K.;Akkavong, K.;Odermatt, P.; Acta Tropica 2015-01-01 查看
High prevalence of large trematode eggs in schoolchildren in Cambodia Bless, P.J.;Schar, F.;Khieu, V.;Kramme, S.;Muth, S.;Marti, H.;Odermatt, P.; Acta Tropica 2015-01-01 查看
Subtle to severe hepatobiliary morbidity in Opisthorchis viverriniendemic settings in southern Laos Aye Soukhathammavong, P.;Rajpho, V.;Phongluxa, K.;Vonghachack, Y.;Hattendorf, J.;Hongvanthong, B.;Rasaphon, O.;Sripa, B.;Akkhavong, K.;Hatz, C.;Odermatt, P.; Acta Tropica 2015-01-01 查看
Schistosoma mansoni antigen detects Schistosoma mekongi infection Nickel, B.;Sayasone, S.;Vonghachack, Y.;Odermatt, P.;Marti, H.; Acta Tropica 2015-01-01 查看
Repeated stool sampling and use of multiple techniques enhance thesensitivity of helminth diagnosis: A cross-sectional survey in southern LaoPeople's Democratic Republic Sayasone, S.;Utzinger, J.;Akkhavong, K.;Odermatt, P.; Acta Tropica 2015-01-01 查看
Multiparasitism and intensity of helminth infections in relation tosymptoms and nutritional status among children: A cross-sectional study insouthern Lao People's Democratic Republic Sayasone, S.;Utzinger, J.;Akkhavong, K.;Odermatt, P.; Acta Tropica 2015-01-01 查看
Integrated control programmes for schistosomiasis and other helminthinfections in P.R. China Xu, J.;Xu, J.F.;Li, S.Z.;Zhang, L.J.;Wang, Q.;Zhu, H.H.;Zhou, X.N.; Acta Tropica 2015-01-01 查看
Potential schistosomiasis foci in China: A prospective study forschistosomiasis surveillance and response Qian, Y.J.;Li, S.Z.;Xu, J.;Yang, K.;Huang, Y.X.;Cao, Z.G.;Miu, F.;Dang, H.;Zhang, L.J.;Zhang, L.;Wang, Q.;Bergquist, R.;Zhou, X.N.; Acta Tropica 2015-01-01 查看
Current status of schistosomiasis in Indonesia Satrija, F.;Ridwan, Y.;Jastal;Samarang;Rauf, A.; Acta Tropica 2015-01-01 查看
New endemic foci of schistosomiasis infections in the Philippines Leonardo, L.;Rivera, P.;Saniel, O.;Antonio Solon, J.;Chigusa, Y.;Villacorte, E.;Christoper Chua, J.;Moendeg, K.;Manalo, D.;Crisostomo, B.;Sunico, L.;Boldero, N.;Payne, L.;Hernandez, L.;Velayudhan, R.; Acta Tropica 2015-01-01 查看
Toward integrated opisthorchiasis control in northeast Thailand: TheLawa project Sripa, B.;Tangkawattana, S.;Laha, T.;Kaewkes, S.;Mallory, F.F.;Smith, J.F.;Wilcox, B.A.; Acta Tropica 2015-01-01 查看
Specific diagnosis of Opisthorchis viverrini using loop-mediatedisothermal amplification (LAMP) targeting parasite microsatellites Arimatsu, Y.;Kaewkes, S.;Laha, T.;Sripa, B.; Acta Tropica 2015-01-01 查看
Reprint of ''An overview of freshwater snails in Asia with main focuson Vietnam'' Madsen, H.;Hung, N.M.; Acta Tropica 2015-01-01 查看
School-based mass distributions of mebendazole to controlsoil-transmitted helminthiasis in the Munshiganj and Lakshmipur districtsof Bangladesh: An evaluation of the treatment monitoring process andknowledge, attitudes, and practices of the population Hafiz, I.;Berhan, M.;Keller, A.;Haq, R.;Chesnaye, N.;Koporc, K.;Rahman, M.;Rahman, S.;Mathieu, E.; Acta Tropica 2015-01-01 查看
Eco-social determinants of Schistosoma japonicum infection supported bymulti-level modelling in Eryuan county, People's Republic of China Yang, K.;Zhou, X.N.;Jia, T.W.;Yang, G.J.;Wu, X.H.;Shi, X.W.;Li, H.J.;Steinmann, P.;Utzinger, J.;Bergquist, R.; Acta Tropica 2015-01-01 查看
Interplay between environment, agriculture and infectious diseases ofpoverty: Case studies in China Yang, G.J.;Utzinger, J.;Zhou, X.N.; Acta Tropica 2015-01-01 查看
Response of the sand fly Phlebotomuspapatasi to visual, physical andchemical attraction features in the field Muller, G.C.;Hogsette, J.A.;Kline, D.L.;Beier, J.C.;Revay, E.E.;Xue, R.D.; Acta Tropica 2015-01-01 查看
Spotlight on the in vitro effect of artemisinin-naphthoquine phosphateon Schistosoma mansoni and its snail host Biomphalaria alexandrina El-Beshbishi, S.N.;Bardicy, S.E.;Tadros, M.;Ayoub, M.;Taman, A.; Acta Tropica 2015-01-01 查看
Social sustainability of Mesocyclops biological control for dengue inSouth Vietnam Tran, T.T.;Olsen, A.;Viennet, E.;Sleigh, A.; Acta Tropica 2015-01-01 查看
Phenotypic polymorphism of Chrysomya albiceps (Wiedemann) (Diptera:Calliphoridae) may lead to species misidentification Grella, M.D.;Savino, A.G.;Paulo, D.F.;Mendes, F.M.;Azeredo-Espin, A.M.L.;Queiroz, M.M.C.;Thyssen, P.J.;Linhares, A.X.; Acta Tropica 2015-01-01 查看
Irrigation in the arid regions of Tunisia impacts the abundance andapparent density of sand fly vectors of Leishmania infantum Barhoumi, W.;Qualls, W.A.;Archer, R.S.;Fuller, D.O.;Chelbi, I.;Cherni, S.;Derbali, M.;Arheart, K.L.;Zhioua, E.;Beier, J.C.; Acta Tropica 2015-01-01 查看
Genetic divergence in populations of Lutzomyia ayacuchensis, a vectorof Andean-type cutaneous leishmaniasis, in Ecuador and Peru Kato, H.;Caceres, A.G.;Gomez, E.A.;Mimori, T.;Uezato, H.;Hashiguchi, Y.; Acta Tropica 2015-01-01 查看
Identification of the prediction model for dengue incidence in Can Thocity, a Mekong Delta area in Vietnam Phung, D.;Huang, C.;Rutherford, S.;Chu, C.;Wang, X.;Nguyen, M.;Nguyen, N.H.;Manh, C.D.; Acta Tropica 2015-01-01 查看
Role of some biomarkers in placental malaria in women living inYaounde, Cameroon Megnekou, R.;Djontu, J.C.;Bigoga, J.D.;Lissom, A.;Magagoum, S.H.; Acta Tropica 2015-01-01 查看
Preventive prospective of triclosan and triclosan-liposomalnanoparticles against experimental infection with a cystogenic ME49 strainof Toxoplasma gondii El-Zawawy, L.A.;El-Said, D.;Mossallam, S.F.;Ramadan, H.S.;Younis, S.S.; Acta Tropica 2015-01-01 查看
Temperature dependence of Opisthorchis viverrini infection in firstintermediate host snail, Bithynia siamensis goniomphalos Prasopdee, S.;Kulsantiwong, J.;Piratae, S.;Khampoosa, P.;Thammasiri, C.;Suwannatrai, A.;Laha, T.;Grams, R.;Loukas, A.;Tesana, S.; Acta Tropica 2015-01-01 查看
Characterization of @a-L-fucosidase and other digestive hydrolases fromBiomphalaria glabrata Perrella, N.N.;Cantinha, R.S.;Nakano, E.;Lopes, A.R.; Acta Tropica 2015-01-01 查看
Characteristics of very virulent infectious bursal disease virusesisolated from Chinese broiler chickens (2012-2013) Xu, M.y.;Lin, S.y.;Zhao, Y.;Jin, J.h.;Tang, N.;Zhang, G.z.; Acta Tropica 2015-01-01 查看
Editor/Editorial Board Acta Tropica 2015-01-01 查看
Central nervous system manifestations of Angiostrongylus cantonensisinfection Martins, Y.C.;Tanowitz, H.B.;Kazacos, K.R.; Acta Tropica 2015-01-01 查看
Infection of sand flies collected from different bio-geographical areasof Tunisia with phleboviruses Fares, W.;Charrel, R.N.;Dachraoui, K.;Bichaud, L.;Barhoumi, W.;Derbali, M.;Cherni, S.;Chelbi, I.;de Lamballerie, X.;Zhioua, E.; Acta Tropica 2015-01-01 查看
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