The HRSA-APA Faculty Development Scholars Program: Executive LeadershipTrack Osborn, L.M.;DeWitt, T.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2004-01-01 查看
Outcomes Results From the Evaluation of the APA/HRSA Faculty ScholarsProgram Simpson, D.E.;Bragg, D.;Biernat, K.;Treat, R.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2004-01-01 查看
Meeting the Computer Technology Needs of Community Faculty: BuildingNew Models for Faculty Development Baldwin, C.D.;Niebuhr, V.N.;Sullivan, B.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2004-01-01 查看
Effect of a Teaching Skills Program on Faculty Skills and Confidence Barratt, M.S.;Moyer, V.A.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2004-01-01 查看
Lessons Learned From Community Site Administrators Involved inPediatric Community Rotations Christner, J.G.;Takagishi, J.C.;Dabrow, S.;McCoy, R.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2004-01-01 查看
The Administrative Colloquium: Developing Management and LeadershipSkills for Faculty McCurdy, F.A.;Beck, G.;Maroon, A.;Gomes, H.;Lane, P.H.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2004-01-01 查看
Letter From the Editor Perrin, J.M.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2004-01-01 查看
A View From the Residents: Effective Preceptor Role Modeling Is In Siegel, B.S.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2004-01-01 查看
Factors Associated With Resident Satisfaction With Their ContinuityExperience for the CORNET Investigators;Serwint, J.R.;Feigelman, S.;Dumont-Driscoll, M.;Collins, R.;Zhan, M.;Kittredge, D.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2004-01-01 查看
Assessing Resident Performance: Commentary on Latent Class Analysis Co, J.P.T.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2004-01-01 查看
Latent Class Analysis: An Illustrative Application for Education in theAssessment of Resident Otoscopic Skills Benjamin, D.K.;DeLong, E.;Steinbach, W.J.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2004-01-01 查看
An Analysis of Patient Care Questions Asked by Pediatricians at anAcademic Medical Center D'Alessandro, D.M.;Kreiter, C.D.;Peterson, M.W.;Kingsley, P.;Johnson-West, J.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2004-01-01 查看
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Using an Immunization Registry: Effect on Practice Costs and Time Glazner, J.E.;Beaty, B.L.;Pearson, K.A.;Lowery, N.E.;Berman, S.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2004-01-01 查看
Letter to Editor: Sexual-History Taking in the Pediatric EmergencyDepartment Beckmann, K.R.;Melzer-Lange, M.D.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2004-01-01 查看
Promoting Safety in Child and Adolescent Health Care: ConferenceOverview Perrin, J.M.;Bloom, S.R.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2004-01-01 查看
Pediatric Patient Safety in the Ambulatory Setting Miller, M.R.;Pronovost, P.J.;Burstin, H.R.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2004-01-01 查看
Reducing Errors and Promoting Safety in Pediatric Emergency Care Chamberlain, J.M.;Slonim, A.;Joseph, J.G.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2004-01-01 查看
Information Technology: Its Importance to Child Safety Johnson, K.B.;Davison, C.L.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2004-01-01 查看
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The APA/HRSA Faculty Development Scholars Program: Introduction to theSupplement Osborn, L.M.;Roberts, K.B.;Greenberg, L.;DeWitt, T.;Devries, J.M.;Wilson, M.;Simpson, D.E.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2004-01-01 查看
Overview of the Educational Scholarship Track Wilson, M.;Greenberg, L.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2004-01-01 查看
APA/HRSA National Faculty Development Scholars Program: Community-BasedTeaching Track Roberts, K.B.;Devries, J.M.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2004-01-01 查看
Parent's Language of Interview and Access to Care for Children WithSpecial Health Care Needs Yu, S.M.;Nyman, R.M.;Kogan, M.D.;Huang, Z.J.;Schwalberg, R.H.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2004-03-01 查看
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Letters to the Editor Starfield, B.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2004-03-01 查看
Letters to the Editor Cooley, W.C.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2004-03-01 查看
Announcement Etzel, R.A.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2004-03-01 查看
Health Care for Children and Youth in the United States: 2002 Report onTrends in Access, Utilization, Quality, and Expenditures Simpson, L.;Zodet, M.W.;Chevarley, F.M.;Owens, P.L.;Dougherty, D.;McCormick, M.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2004-03-01 查看
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Assessment of Pediatric Residents' Otoscopic Interpretive Skills byVideotaped Examinations Jones, W.S.;Kaleida, P.H.;Lopreiato, J.O.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2004-03-01 查看
The Discipline Survey: A New Measure of Parental Discipline Socolar, R.;Savage, E.;Devellis, R.F.;Evans, H.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2004-03-01 查看
Use of Medical Services by Methylphenidate-Treated Children in theGeneral Population Miller, A.R.;Brehaut, J.C.;Raina, P.;McGrail, K.M.;Armstrong, R.W.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2004-03-01 查看
Letter From the Editor Ambulatory Pediatrics 2004-03-01 查看
Letters to the Editor Fargason, C.A.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2004-05-01 查看
Letters to the Editor Ludwig, S.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2004-05-01 查看
The Epidemic of Discontinuity in Health Care Ferris, T.G.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2004-05-01 查看
Early Continuity of Care and Immunization Coverage Irigoyen, M.;Findley, S.E.;Chen, S.;Vaughan, R.;Sternfels, P.;Caesar, A.;Metroka, A.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2004-05-01 查看
Potential Cost Savings of Decreased Emergency Department Visits ThroughIncreased Continuity in a Pediatric Medical Home McBurney, P.G.;Simpson, K.N.;Darden, P.M.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2004-05-01 查看
Parents' Mood and the Content of Pediatric Care for Young Children Blumberg, S.J.;O'Connor, K.S.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2004-05-01 查看
Quality Improvement in Immunization Delivery Following an UnsuccessfulImmunization Recall Daley, M.F.;Steiner, J.F.;Kempe, A.;Beaty, B.L.;Pearson, K.A.;Jones, J.S.;Lowery, N.E.;Berman, S.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2004-05-01 查看
Can Quality Improvement Reach Into Pockets of Need for ChildhoodImmunizations? Davis, M.M.;Szilagyi, P.G.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2004-05-01 查看
Breast Milk Feeding Rates of Mothers of Multiples Compared to Mothersof Singletons Geraghty, S.R.;Pinney, S.M.;Sethuraman, G.;Roy-Chaudhury, A.;Kalkwarf, H.J.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2004-05-01 查看
Parent Expectations and Comfort With Discussion of Normal ChildhoodSexuality and Sexual Abuse Prevention During Office Visits Thomas, D.;Flaherty, E.;Binns, H.;Pediatric Practice Research Group; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2004-05-01 查看
When Insurance Status Is Not Static: Insurance Transitions ofLow-Income Children and Implications for Health and Health Care Aiken, K.D.;Freed, G.L.;Davis, M.M.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2004-05-01 查看
Improving the Interviewing and Self-Assessment Skills of MedicalStudents: Is it Time to Readopt Videotaping as an Educational Tool? Lane, J.L.;Gottlieb, R.P.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2004-05-01 查看
Filling the GAPS: Description and Evaluation of a Primary CareIntervention for Children With Chronic Health Conditions McMenamy, J.M.;Perrin, E.C.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2004-05-01 查看
Identification of Resident and Attending Physicians: Do Parents KnowWho Is Caring for Their Hospitalized Child? Brewer, T.L.;Key, J.D.;O'Rourke, K.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2004-05-01 查看
Preparticipation Physical Evaluations for High School Athletes:Time fora New Game Plan Bundy, D.G.;Feudtner, C.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2004-05-01 查看
Evidence That School-Age Children Can Self-Report on Their Health Riley, A.W.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2004-07-01 查看
Measuring Health Status and Quality of Life for US Children:Relationship to Race, Ethnicity, and Income Status Olson, L.M.;Lara, M.;Pat Frintner, M.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2004-07-01 查看
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