Fatty acid composition of plasma and erythrocytes in term infants fed humanmilk and formulae with and without docosahexaenoic and arachidonic acidsfrom egg yolk lecithin Bonda-Martnez, E.;Lopez-Sabater, M.C.;Castellote-Bargallo, A.I.;Rodrguez-Palmero, M.;Gonzalez-Corbella, M.J.;Rivero-Urgell, M.;Campoy-Folgoso, C.;Bayes-Garca, R.; Early Human Development 1998-12-01 查看
Influence of caesarean delivery and maternal factors on fat-solublevitamins in blood from cord and neonates Gonzalez-Corbella, M.J.;Lopez-Sabater, M.C.;Castellote-Bargallo, A.I.;Campoy-Folgoso, C.;Rivero-Urgell, M.; Early Human Development 1998-12-01 查看
The influence of dietary palmitic acid triacylglyceride position on thefatty acid, calcium and magnesium contents of at term newborn faeces Lopez-Lopez, A.;Castellote-Bargallo, A.I.;Campoy-Folgoso, C.;Rivero-Urgel, M.;Tormo-Carnice, R.;Infante-Pina, D.;Lopez-Sabater, M.C.; Early Human Development 2001-11-01 查看
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