Absent or reversed end-diastolic blood flow in the umbilical artery andabnormal Doppler cerebroplacental ratio-cognitive, neurological and somaticdevelopment at 3 to 6 years Kutschera, J.;Tomaselli, J.;Urlesberger, B.;Maurer, U.;Hausler, M.;Gradnitzer, E.;Burmucic, K.;Muller, W.; Early Human Development 2002-10-01 查看
Minor neurological dysfunction, cognitive development, and somaticdevelopment at the age of 3 to 7 years after dexamethasone treatment invery-low birth-weight infants Kutschera, J.;Tomaselli, J.;Maurer, U.;Mueller, W.;Urlesberger, B.; Early Human Development 2005-03-01 查看
Episodes of hypocarbia and early-onset sepsis are risk factors forcystic periventricular leukomalacia in the preterm infant Resch, B.;Neubauer, K.;Hofer, N.;Resch, E.;Maurer, U.;Haas, J.;Muller, W.; Early Human Development 2012-01-01 查看
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