General movement assessment: Predicting cerebral palsy in clinicalpractise Adde, L.;Rygg, M.;Lossius, K.;Oberg, G.K.;Stoen, R.; Early Human Development 2007-01-01 查看
Using computer-based video analysis in the study of fidgety movements Adde, L.;Helbostad, J.L.;Jensenius, A.R.;Taraldsen, G.;Stoen, R.; Early Human Development 2009-09-01 查看
Follow-up at age 10years in ELBW children - Functional outcome, brainmorphology and results from motor assessments in infancy Grunewaldt, K.H.;Fjortoft, T.;Bjuland, K.J.;Brubakk, A.M.;Eikenes, L.;Haberg, A.K.;Lohaugen, G.C.C.;Skranes, J.; Early Human Development 2014-10-01 查看
Test-retest reliability of computer-based video analysis of generalmovements in healthy term-born infants Valle, S.C.;Stoen, R.;Saether, R.;Jensenius, A.R.;Adde, L.; Early Human Development 2015-10-01 查看
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