Features of the interaction of bivalent metal ions with homopolynucleotidesin the multichain conformation Sorokin, V.A.;Valeyev, V.A.;Gladchenko, G.O.;Blagoi, Y.P.; Biophysics 1994-01-01 查看
Gel-microelectrophoresis study of the vulnerability of DNA and theheterogeneity of the cells Tronov, V.A.;Grin'ko, Y.V.;Afanas'ev, G.G.;Filippovich, I.V.; Biophysics 1994-01-01 查看
Statistical analysis of the electron photomicrographs of bio-objects taggedwith electron-dense mercarbide labels Serzhanov, V.F.;Likhtenshtein, G.I.;Levchenko, L.A.;Kovalenko, I.I.;Sadkov, A.P.; Biophysics 1994-01-01 查看
Initiating action of weak magnetic fields on the formation ofintermolecular bonds in aqueous solutions of amino acids Novikov, V.V.; Biophysics 1994-01-01 查看
Microcalorimetric investigation of the effect of mitoxanthrone on chromatinDNA in vivo Monaselidze, D.R.;Kalanadadze, Y.L.;Khachidze, D.G.;Topuridze, I.; Biophysics 1994-01-01 查看
Non-coplanar H-binding of the hugstein base pairs. Pcilo conformationalevaluations. I. Adenine-adenine and adenine-thymine pairs Komarov, V.M.; Biophysics 1994-01-01 查看
Galvanodynamic photoeffect in films of pigments contacting the electrolyte.Maximum value of the photopotential of phthalocyanin films polarized by acurrent source Shumov, Y.S.; Biophysics 1994-01-01 查看
Influence of the asymmetry of the polar environs of the dimer of thereaction centre on the process of electron transport Parush, O.V.;Sadygov, R.G.;Kukushkin, A.K.; Biophysics 1994-01-01 查看
Physical model of proton transfer in the relaxation part of the photocycleof bacteriorhodopsin Zubov, B.V.;Lozier, R.;Chernavskii, D.S.;Chizov, I.V.; Biophysics 1994-01-01 查看
Analysis of the geometric parameters and mechanical properties oferythrocytes by filtration through nuclear membrane filters II.Experimental check on a mathematical model Lisovskaya, I.L.;Ataullakhanov, F.I.;Tuzhilova, Y.G.;Vitlitskii, V.M.; Biophysics 1994-01-01 查看
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Natural vibrations of charged spherical membranes Krasil'nikov, P.M.;Fisun, O.I.; Biophysics 1994-01-01 查看
Effect of low intensity luminescent radiation on erythrocyte membranes Monich, V.A.; Biophysics 1994-01-01 查看
Possible functional role of ''helix-to-coil'' transitions in the rod partof myosin in muscular contraction Sidorenko, N.P.; Biophysics 1994-01-01 查看
Photoinduced paramagnetic centres in human blood Kholmogorov, V.Y.; Biophysics 1994-01-01 查看
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New criteria in the inverse protein structuring problem Syunyayev, S.R.;Kuznetsov, Y.N.;Tumanyan, V.G.; Biophysics 1994-01-01 查看
Investigation of the spatial organization of a globular fragment ofcalmodulin -- II. conformational analysis of the packing of two domains Avanov, A.Y.; Biophysics 1994-01-01 查看
Effect of serum albumin on the temperature of formation of eutectics inbinary solutions of organic compounds Turov, V.V.;Pokrovskii, V.A.;Chuiko, A.A.; Biophysics 1994-01-01 查看
Interaction of bivalent copper ions with natural DNA and its monomers Sorokin, V.A.; Biophysics 1994-01-01 查看
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Dissipative structures in weak magnetic fields Karnaukhov, A.V.; Biophysics 1994-01-01 查看
Thermostability of the proteins of the erythrocyte membranes with variationin the ionic strength and composition of the medium Lapshina, Y.A.;Zavodnik, I.B.; Biophysics 1994-01-01 查看
Comparative effect of polymyxin B on bilayer lipid membranes of variedlipid composition Preobrazhenskaya, T.A.;Korepanova, Y.A.;Vladimirov, Y.A.; Biophysics 1994-01-01 查看
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Kinetics of ethanol-induced lysis of human erythrocytes Zavodnik, I.B.;Piletskaya, T.P.;Stepuro, I.I.; Biophysics 1994-01-01 查看
Advent of a quasiperiodic spatial structure in the model of aggregation ofdividing mobile cells possessing chemotaxis Polezhayev, A.A.; Biophysics 1994-01-01 查看
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Quantitative description of the morphological structure of aggregatedcellular elements of the blood Bozhokin, S.V.; Biophysics 1994-01-01 查看
Role of Ca^2^+ entering the cell during reperfusion in the mechanism ofinitiation and maintenance of reperfusion arrhythmias Burashnikov, A.Y.;Medvinskii, A.B.; Biophysics 1994-01-01 查看
Use of a neodymium laser for fluorescent diagnosis and photodynamicdestruction of a tumour Oganesyan, V.A.;Seilanov, A.S.;Seilanova, Y.A.; Biophysics 1994-01-01 查看
Analysis of electroencephalograms using normalized empirical probabilitydistribution functions Pestryayev, V.A.; Biophysics 1994-01-01 查看
Effect of change in the boundary conditions on the stressed state in themodel of a tooth Demidova, I.I.;Dudnikov, V.A.;Zimin, B.A.;Ulitovskii, S.B.; Biophysics 1994-01-01 查看
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Patterns and possible nature of biological forewarnings of the Dzhirgatalearthquake Sidorin, A.Y.;Kozyreva, L.I.; Biophysics 1994-01-01 查看
Simple physical model describing the death of multicellular organisms Morozovskii, A.Y.; Biophysics 1994-01-01 查看
Dynamics of glaciations in the northern hemisphere as an auto-oscillatoryrelaxational process Karnaukhov, A.V.; Biophysics 1994-01-01 查看
The smallest statistical element in describing cooperative systems Vainshtein, E.F.;Kharitonov, A.S.; Biophysics 1994-01-01 查看
Electrostatic interactions and differences in the specific and unspecificinteractions of the lac repressor with DNA Kamashev, D.E.;Ebralidze, K.K.;Yesipova, N.G.;Mirzabekov, A.D.; Biophysics 1994-01-01 查看
Topological properties of the space of sequences and their role inmacromolecular evolution Khrustova, N.V.;Daulas, K.;Grosberg, A.Y.; Biophysics 1995-01-01 查看
Investigation of the energetics of covalently bound molecular systems ofdeuteroporphyrin IX with quinone derivatives Stolovitskii, Y.M.;Kiselev, B.A.;Suponeva, Y.P.;Pashchenko, V.Z.;Tusov, V.B.;Vasil'Ev, S.Y.;Alimova, Y.V.;Sadovnikova, N.A.;Olovyanishnikova, G.D.;Borovkov, V.V.;Filippovich, Y.I.;Luzgina, V.N.;Yevstigneyeva, R.P.; Biophysics 1995-01-01 查看
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Limiting parameters on association of chain molecules in dilute solutions Vainshtein, E.F.; Biophysics 1995-01-01 查看
Complex oscillatory regimes in the peroxidase-oxidase reaction Fed'Kina, V.R.;Bronnikova, T.V.; Biophysics 1995-01-01 查看
Role of vitrification in the preservation of the native structure ofproteins in the course of their dehydration Sochava, I.V.;Grinberg, V.Y.;Popello, I.A.;Suchkov, V.V.; Biophysics 1995-01-01 查看
Aggregation of human immunoglobulins in normal conditions and in thepresence of malignant stomach tumours Yefetov, K.A.;Arutyunyan, A.V.; Biophysics 1995-01-01 查看
Does taxis exist in bacterial viruses? Ivanitskii, G.R.;Medvinskii, A.B.;Deyev, A.A.;Khusainov, A.A.;Tsyganov, M.A.; Biophysics 1995-01-01 查看
Mechanisms of energy conversions during respiration and photosynthesis:role of the phospholipid membrane Dmitriyev, L.F.; Biophysics 1995-01-01 查看
A new phenomenon induced by ion-conformational interaction in the channelsof biomembranes Vainreb, G.Y.;Kharkyanen, V.N.; Biophysics 1995-01-01 查看
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