Working memory distortions of duration perception are modulated byattentional tags Pan, Y.;Hou, X.; Acta Psychologica 2016-03-01 查看
The paradox of fiction: Emotional response toward fiction and themodulatory role of self-relevance Sperduti, M.;Arcangeli, M.;Makowski, D.;Wantzen, P.;Zalla, T.;Lemaire, S.;Dokic, J.;Pelletier, J.;Piolino, P.; Acta Psychologica 2016-03-01 查看
Editorial Board Acta Psychologica 2016-03-01 查看
Editorial Board Acta Psychologica 2016-05-01 查看
Difficult action decisions reduce the sense of agency: A study usingthe Eriksen flanker task Sidarus, N.;Haggard, P.; Acta Psychologica 2016-05-01 查看
Global form and motion processing in healthy ageing Agnew, H.C.;Phillips, L.H.;Pilz, K.S.; Acta Psychologica 2016-05-01 查看
On the overlap between bilingual language control and domain-generalexecutive control Branzi, F.M.;Calabria, M.;Boscarino, M.L.;Costa, A.; Acta Psychologica 2016-05-01 查看
Errors in visuo-haptic and haptic-haptic location matching are stableover long periods of time Kuling, I.A.;Brenner, E.;Smeets, J.B.J.; Acta Psychologica 2016-05-01 查看
Involuntary symbol manipulation (Pig Latin) from external control:Implications for thought suppression Cho, H.;Zarolia, P.;Gazzaley, A.;Morsella, E.; Acta Psychologica 2016-05-01 查看
Does response link updating contribute to the negative compatibilityeffect? Wang, Y.;Liu, P.;Zhao, J.;Wang, Y.;Zhao, L.; Acta Psychologica 2016-05-01 查看
Embodiment of abstract categories in space... grounding or merecompatibility effects? The case of politics Farias, A.R.;Garrido, M.V.;Semin, G.R.; Acta Psychologica 2016-05-01 查看
Harmonic context influences pitch class equivalence judgments throughgestalt and congruency effects Slana, A.;Repovs, G.;Fitch, W.T.;Gingras, B.; Acta Psychologica 2016-05-01 查看
Editorial Board Acta Psychologica 2016-06-01 查看
Attentional modulation of the carry over of eye-movements between tasks Hills, P.J.;Thompson, C.;Jones, S.P.;Piech, R.M.;Painter, L.;Pake, J.M.; Acta Psychologica 2016-06-01 查看
Two thumbs and one index: A comparison of manual coordination intouch-typing and mobile-typing Cerni, T.;Longcamp, M.;Job, R.; Acta Psychologica 2016-06-01 查看
Social modulation of spatial judgment: The case of line bisection task D'Ascenzo, S.;Rubichi, S.;Di Gregorio, G.;Tommasi, L.; Acta Psychologica 2016-06-01 查看
The effects of weak versus strong relational judgments on response biasin Two-Alternative-Forced-Choice recognition: Is the test criterion-free? Jou, J.;Flores, S.;Cortes, H.M.;Leka, B.G.; Acta Psychologica 2016-06-01 查看
To bind or not to bind, that's the wrong question: Features and objectscoexist in visual short-term memory Geigerman, S.;Verhaeghen, P.;Cerella, J.; Acta Psychologica 2016-06-01 查看
Mouse tracking traces the ''Camrbidge Unievrsity'' effects inmonolingual and bilingual minds Lin, Y.C.;Lin, P.Y.; Acta Psychologica 2016-06-01 查看
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