Comment on: Infants of opioid-dependent mothers: Neurodevelopment atsix months Jones, H.E.;Heil, S.;O'Grady, K.E.; Early Human Development 2015-03-01 查看
Reply to letter from Drs. Jones, Heil and O'Grady Mactier, H.;McGlone, L.; Early Human Development 2015-03-01 查看
Relevance of tissue Doppler imaging for assessment of right ventricularperformance in preterm neonates Grangl, G.;Haidl, H.;Koestenberger, M.; Early Human Development 2015-05-01 查看
The conundrum of nucleated red blood cells in premature infants Meyer, S.;Duppre, P.;Wissing, A.;Aygun, A.;Gortner, L.;Poryo, M.; Early Human Development 2016-04-01 查看
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