Links between economic liberalization and rural resource degradation in thedeveloping regions Barbier, E.B.; Agricultural Economics 2000-09-01 查看
Crossing spatial analyses and livestock economics to understanddeforestation processes in the Brazilian Amazon: the case of Sao Felix doXingu in South Para Mertens, B.;Poccard-Chapuis, R.;Piketty, M.-G.;Lacques, A.-E.;Venturieri, A.; Agricultural Economics 2002-11-01 查看
Temporal and spatial modelling of tropical deforestation: a survivalanalysis linking satellite and household survey data Vance, C.;Geoghegan, J.; Agricultural Economics 2002-11-01 查看
Land use dynamics in the central highlands of Vietnam: a spatial modelcombining village survey data with satellite imagery interpretation Muller, D.;Zeller, M.; Agricultural Economics 2002-11-01 查看
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