Risk evaluation by modeling of passing behavior on two-lane ruralhighways Farah, H.;Bekhor, S.;Polus, A.; Accident Analysis & Prevention 2009-07-01 查看
Can providing feedback on driving behavior and training on parentalvigilant care affect male teen drivers and their parents? Farah, H.;Musicant, O.;Shimshoni, Y.;Toledo, T.;Grimberg, E.;Omer, H.;Lotan, T.; Accident Analysis & Prevention 2014-08-01 查看
The contribution of parents' driving behavior, family climate for roadsafety, and parent-targeted intervention to young male driving behavior Taubman - Ben-Ari, O.;Musicant, O.;Lotan, T.;Farah, H.; Accident Analysis & Prevention 2014-11-01 查看
Risk appraisal of passing zones on two-lane rural highways and policyapplications Mwesige, G.;Farah, H.;Koutsopoulos, H.N.; Accident Analysis & Prevention 2016-05-01 查看
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