Preface Verwey, W.B.;Spijkers, W.A.C.;Donk, M.; Acta Psychologica 2001-01-01 查看
Movement observation affects movement execution in a simple response task Brass, M.;Bekkering, H.;Prinz, W.; Acta Psychologica 2001-01-01 查看
Eccentric head positions bias random generation of leftward and rightwardhandle-bar rotations Heuer, H.;Klein, W.; Acta Psychologica 2001-01-01 查看
Development of the functional visual field Clohessy, A.B.;Posner, M.I.;Rothbart, M.K.; Acta Psychologica 2001-01-01 查看
Concatenating familiar movement sequences: the versatile cognitiveprocessor Verwey, W.B.; Acta Psychologica 2001-01-01 查看
Feature localization and identification Donk, M.;Meinecke, C.; Acta Psychologica 2001-01-01 查看
The foreperiod effect revisited: conditioning as a basis for nonspecificpreparation^1 Los, S.A.;Knol, D.L.;Boers, R.M.; Acta Psychologica 2001-01-01 查看
Separate modifiability, mental modules, and the use of pure and compositemeasures to reveal them Sternberg, S.; Acta Psychologica 2001-01-01 查看
Haptic after-effect of successively touched curved surfaces Vogels, I.M.L.C.;Kappers, A.M.L.;Koenderink, J.J.; Acta Psychologica 2001-02-01 查看
The role of internal reference prices in consumers' willingness to payjudgments: Thaler's Beer Pricing Task revisited Ranyard, R.;Charlton, J.P.;Williamson^1, J.; Acta Psychologica 2001-02-01 查看
Temporal-spatial memory: retrieval of spatial information does not reducerecency Farrand, P.;Parmentier, F.B.R.;Jones, D.M.; Acta Psychologica 2001-02-01 查看
Propositional reasoning and working memory: the role of prior training andpragmatic content Meiser, T.;Klauer, K.C.;Naumer, B.; Acta Psychologica 2001-02-01 查看
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Conceptual Spaces: The Geometry of Thought; Peter Gardenfors; MIT Press,Cambridge, MA, 2000 Molenaar, P.C.M.; Acta Psychologica 2001-02-01 查看
Author index of Volume 106 Acta Psychologica 2001-02-01 查看
Contents list Acta Psychologica 2001-04-01 查看
Beyond the decade of the brain: towards a functional neuroanatomy of themind Wagemans, J.;Verstraten, F.A.J.;He, S.; Acta Psychologica 2001-04-01 查看
History and future directions of human brain mapping and functionalneuroimaging Savoy, R.L.; Acta Psychologica 2001-04-01 查看
Defining the cortical visual systems: ''What'', ''Where'', and ''How'' Creem, S.H.;Proffitt, D.R.; Acta Psychologica 2001-04-01 查看
Visual motion and the human brain: what has neuroimaging told us? Culham, J.;He, S.;Dukelow, S.;Verstraten, F.A.J.; Acta Psychologica 2001-04-01 查看
Functional imaging during speech production Munhall, K.G.; Acta Psychologica 2001-04-01 查看
Cognitive neuropsychology and functional brain imaging: implications forfunctional and anatomical models of cognition Humphreys, G.W.;Price, C.J.; Acta Psychologica 2001-04-01 查看
Can neuroimaging really tell us what the human brain is doing? Therelevance of indirect measures of population activity op de Beeck, H.;Wagemans, J.;Vogels, R.; Acta Psychologica 2001-04-01 查看
Author index of volume Acta Psychologica 2001-04-01 查看
Integrating cognitive psychology, neurology and neuroimaging Parsons, L.M.; Acta Psychologica 2001-04-01 查看
Beyond localisation: a dynamical dual route account of face recognition de Gelder, B.;Rouw, R.; Acta Psychologica 2001-04-01 查看
Blindsight: the role of feedforward and feedback corticocorticalconnections Lamme, V.A.F.; Acta Psychologica 2001-04-01 查看
Abnormal retinotopic representations in human visual cortex revealed byfMRI Morland, A.B.;Baseler, H.A.;Hoffmann, M.B.;Sharpe, L.T.;Wandell, B.A.; Acta Psychologica 2001-04-01 查看
The effects of aging on visual memory: evidence for functionalreorganization of cortical networks Bennett, P.J.;Sekuler, A.B.;McIntosh, A.R.;Della-Maggiore, V.; Acta Psychologica 2001-04-01 查看
The role of transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) in studies of vision,attention and cognition Stewart, L.;Ellison, A.;Walsh, V.;Cowey, A.; Acta Psychologica 2001-04-01 查看
fMR-adaptation: a tool for studying the functional properties of humancortical neurons Grill-Spector, K.;Malach, R.; Acta Psychologica 2001-04-01 查看
Spatial attention in early vision Theeuwes, J.;Kramer, A.F.;Atchley, P.; Acta Psychologica 2001-06-01 查看
Directing spatial attention towards the illusory location of aventriloquized sound Vroomen, J.;Bertelson, P.;de Gelder, B.; Acta Psychologica 2001-06-01 查看
Attention and size in a global/local task Modigliani, V.;Bernstein, D.;Govorkov, S.; Acta Psychologica 2001-06-01 查看
The one-of-us effect in decision evaluation Lipshitz, R.;Gilad, Z.;Suleiman, R.; Acta Psychologica 2001-06-01 查看
Negative priming in a gender decision task and in a semantic categorizationtask Versace, R.;Allain, G.; Acta Psychologica 2001-06-01 查看
Contents list Acta Psychologica 2001-09-01 查看
On the psychology of time preference and human decisions: introduction tothe special issue Roelofsma, P.H.M.P.;van der Pligt, J.; Acta Psychologica 2001-09-01 查看
Time preferences for the very long term Chapman, G.B.; Acta Psychologica 2001-09-01 查看
An age-embedding effect: time sensitivity and time insensitivity whenpricing health benefits Read, D.;Read, N.L.; Acta Psychologica 2001-09-01 查看
Temporal factors in resource dilemmas Hendrickx, L.;Poortinga, W.;Kooij, R.v.d.; Acta Psychologica 2001-09-01 查看
The role of cognitive resources in the valuation of near and far futureevents Ebert, J.E.J.; Acta Psychologica 2001-09-01 查看
Time is on my side: Optimism in intertemporal choice Berndsen, M.;van der Pligt, J.; Acta Psychologica 2001-09-01 查看
A timely account of the role of duration in decision making Ariely, D.;Zakay, D.; Acta Psychologica 2001-09-01 查看
Spotlight failure effect in exogenous orienting Milan, E.G.;Tornay, F.J.; Acta Psychologica 2001-12-01 查看
Peripheral constraint versus on-line programming in rapid aimed sequentialmovements Smiley-Oyen, A.L.;Worringham, C.J.; Acta Psychologica 2001-12-01 查看
Predicting transfer from training performance Speelman, C.P.;Kirsner, K.; Acta Psychologica 2001-12-01 查看
On the role of external reference frames on visual judgements ofparallelity Cuijpers, R.H.;Kappers, A.M.L.;Koenderink, J.J.; Acta Psychologica 2001-12-01 查看
Hypothesis Testing Behaviour. Fenna H. Poletiek (2001). Hove, East Sussex,UK: Psychology Press Borsboom, D.; Acta Psychologica 2001-12-01 查看
Author Index of Volume Acta Psychologica 2001-12-01 查看
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