Editorial Board Acta Psychologica 2009-01-01 查看
Transfer of learning in choice reactions: Contributions of specific andgeneral components of manual responses Yamaguchi, M.;Proctor, R.W.; Acta Psychologica 2009-01-01 查看
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Lengthening fixed preparatory foreperiod durations within a digitmagnitude classification task serves mainly to shift distributions ofresponse times upwards Leth-Steensen, C.; Acta Psychologica 2009-01-01 查看
Situational information contributes to object categorization andinference Chaigneau, S.E.;Barsalou, L.W.;Zamani, M.; Acta Psychologica 2009-01-01 查看
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Averageness or symmetry: Which is more important for facialattractiveness? Komori, M.;Kawamura, S.;Ishihara, S.; Acta Psychologica 2009-06-01 查看
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Acute aerobic exercise and information processing: Modulation ofexecutive control in a Random Number Generation task Audiffren, M.;Tomporowski, P.D.;Zagrodnik, J.; Acta Psychologica 2009-09-01 查看
The effect of accountability on loss aversion Vieider, F.M.; Acta Psychologica 2009-09-01 查看
Editorial Board Acta Psychologica 2009-09-01 查看
A counterchange mechanism for the perception of motion Hock, H.S.;Schoner, G.;Gilroy, L.; Acta Psychologica 2009-09-01 查看
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No functional role of attention-based rehearsal in maintenance ofspatial working memory representations Belopolsky, A.V.;Theeuwes, J.; Acta Psychologica 2009-10-01 查看
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Spatial working memory and imagery: From eye movements to groundedcognition Postma, A.;Barsalou, L.W.; Acta Psychologica 2009-10-01 查看
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