Contents vol. 79 no. 1 1998 Acta Zoologica 1998-01-01 查看
The Nervous System of Procerodes littoralis (Maricola, Tricladida). AnUltrastructural and Immunoelectron Microscopical Study Mantyla, K.;Reuter, M.;Halton, D.W.;Maule, A.G.;Brennan, G.P.;Shaw, C.;Gustafsson, M.K.S.; Acta Zoologica 1998-01-01 查看
Genital Morphology and Copulatory Mechanism in Zygaena trifolii (Esper,1783) (Insecta, Lepidoptera, Zygaenidae) Fanger, H.;Naumann, C.M.; Acta Zoologica 1998-01-01 查看
False Vertical Rootlets of Epidermal Cilia in the Oncomiracidia ofNeoheterocotyle rhinobatidis and Monocotyle spiremae (Platyhelminthes,Monogenea, Monopisthocotylea) Rohde, K.;Watson, N.A.;Chisholm, L.A.; Acta Zoologica 1998-01-01 查看
Morphology of the Nephron in the Mesonephros of Bufo bufo (Amphibia, Anura,Bufonidae) M@?bjerg, N.;Larsen, E.H.;Jespersen, A.; Acta Zoologica 1998-01-01 查看
The Fates of Spiracular Allostoses in Mammals Bjerring, H.C.; Acta Zoologica 1998-01-01 查看
Studies on in vitro Extrusion and Ultrastructure of the Spermatophore inHaemaphysalis longicornis (Acari: Ixodidae) Matsuo, T.;Mori, T.;Shiraishi, S.; Acta Zoologica 1998-01-01 查看
A Quantitative, Comparative Study of Element Variations Found within theRange of Blood Cells from the Tropical Ascidian Phallusia philippinensis,using the Nuclear Microscope Hogarth, A.N.;Thong, P.S.P.;Lane, D.J.W.;Watt, F.; Acta Zoologica 1998-01-01 查看
The reflecting eye of a free-living typhloplanid plathelminth. Anultrastructural study Bedini, C.;Lanfranchi, A.; Acta Zoologica 1998-04-01 查看
Glycogen distribution in relation to epidermal cell differentiation duringembryonic scale morphogenesis in the lizard Anolis lineatopus Alibardi, L.; Acta Zoologica 1998-04-01 查看
Form and function of the primary spines of two bathyal echinothuriid seaurchins Emson, R.H.;Young, C.M.; Acta Zoologica 1998-04-01 查看
The ontogeny of the nephridial system of the larval amphioxus(Branchiostoma lanceolatum) Stach, T.;Eisler, K.; Acta Zoologica 1998-04-01 查看
Secretory radial glia in the ectoneural system of the sea star Asteriasrubens (Echinodermata) Viehweg, J.;Naumann, W.W.;Olsson, R.; Acta Zoologica 1998-04-01 查看
Skeletal ultrastructure in some articulate cyclostome bryozoans Weedon, M.J.;Taylor, P.D.; Acta Zoologica 1998-04-01 查看
Setal structure and chaetogenesis in Scolelepis squamata and Malacocerosfuliginosus (Spionidae, Annelida) Hausen, H.;Bartolomaeus, T.; Acta Zoologica 1998-07-01 查看
Skeletal ultrastructure of the early astogenetic stages of some cyclostomebryozoans Weedon, M.J.; Acta Zoologica 1998-07-01 查看
Light Guides of the Escal Light Organs in Some Deep-sea Anglerfishes(Pisces; Ceratioidei) Munk, O.; Acta Zoologica 1998-07-01 查看
Symbiotic Bacteria on the Epidermis of Species of the Nemertodermatida(Platyhelminthes, Acoelomorpha) Lundin, K.; Acta Zoologica 1998-07-01 查看
An ultrastructural study of spermatozoa of the Majidae with particularreference to the aberrant spermatozoon of Macropodia longirostris(Crustacea, Decapoda, Brachyura) Jamieson, B.G.M.;Scheltinga, D.M.;Richer de Forges, B.; Acta Zoologica 1998-07-01 查看
The oxygen receptor of the teleost gill? Sundin, L.;Holmgren, S.;Nilsson, S.; Acta Zoologica 1998-07-01 查看
On the anatomy of the central nervous system of Phyllodocidae (Polychaeta)and the Phylogeny of Phyllodocid Genera: a new alternative Orrhage, L.;Eibye-Jacobsen, D.; Acta Zoologica 1998-07-01 查看
The homology of cortical microtubules in platyhelminth spermatozoa: acomparative immunocytochemical study of acetylated tubulin Justine, J.-L.;Iomini, C.;Raikova, O.I.;Mollaret, I.; Acta Zoologica 1998-07-01 查看
Ultrastructural study of the brain of a typhloplanid flatworm Bedini, C.;Lanfranchi, A.; Acta Zoologica 1998-07-01 查看
Morphology of the hagfish inner ear Jorgensen, J.M.;Shichiri, M.;Geneser, F.A.; Acta Zoologica 1998-07-01 查看
The GAIF-positive population of neurons in the evolution of theTemnocephalida Joffe, B.I.;Cannon, L.R.G.; Acta Zoologica 1998-07-01 查看
Ultrastructural analysis of the sensilla of Austroperipatus aequabilisReid, 1996 (Onychophora, Peripatopsidae) Bittner, K.;Ruhberg, H.;Storch, V.; Acta Zoologica 1998-10-01 查看
Interspecific variation in structural organisation of the spermatozoon inthe Asian bandicoot rats, Bandicota species (family Muridae) Breed, W.G.; Acta Zoologica 1998-10-01 查看
Comparative studies of ovicell anatomy and reproductive patterns inCribrilina annulata and Celleporella hyalina (Bryozoa: Cheilostomatida) Ostrovsky, A.N.; Acta Zoologica 1998-10-01 查看
Fine structure of the mature plasmodium of Intoshia variabili (PhylumOrthonectida), a parasite of the platyhelminth Macrorhynchus crocea Slyusarev, G.S.;Miller, D.M.; Acta Zoologica 1998-10-01 查看
The terminal protonephridial complex of Haplopharynx rostratus(Platyhelminthes, Haplopharyngida) Rohde, K.;Watson, N.A.; Acta Zoologica 1998-10-01 查看
Immunohistochemical study of the origin of the subepicardial mesenchyme inthe dogfish (Scyliorhinus canicula) Macas, D.;Perez-Pomares, J.M.;Garca-Garrido, L.;Munoz-Chapuli, R.; Acta Zoologica 1998-10-01 查看
A hemocyte classification scheme for the tunicate Styela plicata Radford, J.L.;Hutchinson, A.E.;Burandt, M.;Raftos, D.A.; Acta Zoologica 1998-10-01 查看
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