Editorial Board Agricultural Systems 2010-02-01 查看
Editors note Berentsen, P.;Thornton, P.; Agricultural Systems 2010-02-01 查看
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Contributing understanding of mitigation options for phosphorus andsediment to a review of the efficacy of contemporary agriculturalstewardship measures Deasy, C.;Quinton, J.N.;Silgram, M.;Bailey, A.P.;Jackson, B.;Stevens, C.J.; Agricultural Systems 2010-02-01 查看
Intensive versus low-input cropping systems: What is the optimalpartitioning of agricultural area in order to reduce pesticide use whilemaintaining productivity? Gosme, M.;Suffert, F.;Jeuffroy, M.H.; Agricultural Systems 2010-02-01 查看
Editorial Board Agricultural Systems 2010-03-01 查看
Using a role-playing game to inform the development of land-use modelsfor the study of a complex socio-ecological system Washington-Ottombre, C.;Pijanowski, B.;Campbell, D.;Olson, J.;Maitima, J.;Musili, A.;Kibaki, T.;Kaburu, H.;Hayombe, P.;Owango, E.;Irigia, B.;Gichere, S.;Mwangi, A.; Agricultural Systems 2010-03-01 查看
Potential benefits of early vigor and changes in phenology in wheat toadapt to warmer and drier climates Ludwig, F.;Asseng, S.; Agricultural Systems 2010-03-01 查看
Farm types for beef production and their economic success in amountainous province of northern Vietnam Huyen, L.T.T.;Herold, P.;Valle Zarate, A.; Agricultural Systems 2010-03-01 查看
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Social costs and incentives for optimal control of soil nutrientdepletion in the central highlands of Ethiopia Yirga, C.;Hassan, R.M.; Agricultural Systems 2010-03-01 查看
Balancing land use to manage river volume and salinity: Economic andhydrological consequences for the Little River catchment in Central West,New South Wales, Australia Finlayson, J.;Bathgate, A.;Nordblom, T.;Theiveyanathan, T.;Farquharson, B.;Crosbie, R.;Mitchell, D.;Hoque, Z.; Agricultural Systems 2010-03-01 查看
Editorial Board Agricultural Systems 2010-05-01 查看
Wandering off the paths of planned innovation: The role of formal andinformal intermediaries in a large-scale irrigation scheme in Morocco Poncet, J.;Kuper, M.;Chiche, J.; Agricultural Systems 2010-05-01 查看
An intrinsic mechanism for the co-existence of different survivalstrategies within mobile pastoralist communities Okayasu, T.;Okuro, T.;Jamsran, U.;Takeuchi, K.; Agricultural Systems 2010-05-01 查看
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Long-term stochastic simulation of mountain beef cattle herds underdiverse management strategies Villalba, D.;Ripoll, G.;Ruiz, R.;Bernues, A.; Agricultural Systems 2010-05-01 查看
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Book Review of "The Peach: Botany, Production and Uses" Rieger, M.; Agricultural Systems 2010-06-01 查看
Book review: Biofuels: Production, Application and Development Persson, T.; Agricultural Systems 2010-06-01 查看
Editorial Board Agricultural Systems 2010-06-01 查看
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Learning selection revisited: How can agricultural researchers make adifference? Douthwaite, B.;Gummert, M.; Agricultural Systems 2010-06-01 查看
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Modeling the impact of HIV/AIDS upon food security of diverse ruralhouseholds in Western Kenya Gill, T.B.; Agricultural Systems 2010-06-01 查看
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Editorial Board Agricultural Systems 2010-07-01 查看
Probabilities for decision analysis in agriculture and rural resourceeconomics: The need for a paradigm change Hardaker, J.B.;Lien, G.; Agricultural Systems 2010-07-01 查看
The water needed for Italians to eat pasta and pizza Aldaya, M.M.;Hoekstra, A.Y.; Agricultural Systems 2010-07-01 查看
Uncertain water supply in an irrigated Mediterranean area: An analysisof the possible economic impact of climate change on the farm sector Dono, G.;Mazzapicchio, G.; Agricultural Systems 2010-07-01 查看
Life cycle assessment of greenhouse gas emissions from beef productionin western Canada: A case study Beauchemin, K.A.;Henry Janzen, H.;Little, S.M.;McAllister, T.A.;McGinn, S.M.; Agricultural Systems 2010-07-01 查看
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Adaptive management in agricultural innovation systems: Theinteractions between innovation networks and their environment Klerkx, L.;Aarts, N.;Leeuwis, C.; Agricultural Systems 2010-07-01 查看
Editorial Board Agricultural Systems 2010-09-01 查看
Factors influencing potential scale of adoption of a perennial pasturein a mixed crop-livestock farming system Byrne, F.;Robertson, M.J.;Bathgate, A.;Hoque, Z.; Agricultural Systems 2010-09-01 查看
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Increasing incomes of Malian cotton farmers: Is elimination of USsubsidies the only solution? Baquedano, F.G.;Sanders, J.H.;Vitale, J.; Agricultural Systems 2010-09-01 查看
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