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Diagnostic Procedures for Crop N Management Millard, P.; Agronomie 1998-01-01 查看
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Authors index Agronomie 1998-12-01 查看
Authors index Agronomie 1998-12-01 查看
Keyword index Agronomie 1998-12-01 查看
Keyword index Agronomie 1998-12-01 查看
A dynamic model of maize 3D architecture: application to theparameterisation of the clumpiness of the canopy Espana, M.;Baret, F.;Chelle, M.;Aries, F.;Andrieu, B.; Agronomie 1998-12-01 查看
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Variability of digestibility criteria in maize elite hybrids submitted forregistration in the French official catalogue Argillier, O.;Barriere, Y.;Panel, A.;Aizac, B.;Hebert, Y.; Agronomie 1998-12-01 查看
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Book review(s) Yesou, P.; Agronomie 1998-03-01 查看
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Modelling the spatial organization of land use in a farming territory.Example of a village in the Plateau Lorrain Le Ber, F.;Benoit, M.; Agronomie 1998-03-01 查看
Early detection of N deficiency in a wheat crop using physiological andradiometric methods Vouillot, M.O.;Huet, P.;Boissard, P.; Agronomie 1998-03-01 查看
Effect of tillage on bare soil energy balance and thermal regime: anexperimental study Richard, G.;Cellier, P.; Agronomie 1998-04-01 查看
Root and shoot growth, water use and water use efficiency of spring durumwheat under early-season drought Hafid, R.E.;Smith, D.H.;Karrou, M.;Samir, K.; Agronomie 1998-04-01 查看
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Book review(s) Boucaud, J.; Agronomie 1998-04-01 查看
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Variability of maize seed imbibition rates as influenced by seed sizedistribution and coating application Schneider, A.; Agronomie 1998-05-01 查看
Mechanical behaviour of silty clay loam/peat mixtures: cycliccompression-release tests and effects of initial water content Vidal-Beaudet, L.;Charpentier, S.; Agronomie 1998-05-01 查看
Short-term in situ immobilization of Cd and Ni by beringite and steel shotsapplication to long-term sludged plots Boisson, J.;Mench, M.;Sappin-Didier, V.;Solda, P.;Vangronsveld, J.; Agronomie 1998-06-01 查看
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Maize-coconut intercropping: effects of shade and root competition on maizegrowth and yield Braconnier, S.; Agronomie 1998-06-01 查看
Genetics and genetic modifications of plant architecture in grain legumes:a review Huyghe, C.; Agronomie 1998-06-01 查看
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