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Use of the Child Development Review Increases Residents' Discussion ofBehavioral Problems Felt, B.T.;O'Connor, M.E.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2003-01-01 查看
Simple Feedback Notes Enhance Specificity of Feedback to Learners Schum, T.R.;Krippendorf, R.L.;Biernat, K.A.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2003-01-01 查看
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Prevention of Lead Toxicity in US Children Lanphear, B.P.;Dietrich, K.N.;Berger, O.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2003-01-01 查看
Severe Lead Poisoning in Pregnancy Shannon, M.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2003-01-01 查看
Meconium as a Biological Marker of Prenatal Exposure Bearer, C.F.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2003-01-01 查看
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Children's Environmental Health: One Year in a Pediatric EnvironmentalHealth Specialty Unit Shannon, M.;Woolf, A.;Goldman, R.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2003-01-01 查看
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TV Guides: Exposure of Hospitalized Children to InappropriateProgramming DiMaggio, D.M.;Sharif, I.;Hoffman-Rosenfeld, J.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2003-03-01 查看
A Potential Pitfall in Provider Assessments of the Quality of AsthmaControl Halterman, J.S.;McConnochie, K.M.;Conn, K.M.;Yoos, H.L.;Kaczorowski, J.M.;Holzhauer, R.J.;Allan, M.;Szilagyi, P.G.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2003-03-01 查看
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Response Mansour, M.;Kotagal, U.P.;Dewitt, T.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2003-03-01 查看
Letter From the Editor Perrin, J.M.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2003-03-01 查看
Errata Ambulatory Pediatrics 2003-03-01 查看
Commentary on IOM Report: Health Insurance Is a Family Matter Fairbrother, G.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2003-03-01 查看
The Joy of Research Szilagyi, P.G.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2003-03-01 查看
Reflections on the ''So What?'' Dilemma Barr, R.G.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2003-03-01 查看
Unmet Health Care Needs and Impact on Families With Children WithDisabilities in Germany Thyen, U.;Sperner, J.;Morfeld, M.;Meyer, C.;Ravens-Sieberer, U.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2003-03-01 查看
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Patterns of Medical, Educational, and Mental Health Service Use in aNational Sample of US Children Stein, R.E.K.;Silver, E.J.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2003-03-01 查看
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A New Direction for Training Doctors in the United Kingdom: Reformingthe Senior House Officer Grade Waterston, T.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2003-05-01 查看
Are We Ready to Follow the IOM Road Map to Transform Health CareQuality? Berman, S.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2003-05-01 查看
The Autism ''Epidemic'': Impressions From the Perspective ofImmunization Safety Review McCormick, M.C.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2003-05-01 查看
Crossing the Border for Health Care: Access and Primary CareCharacteristics for Young Children of Latino Farm Workers Along theUS-Mexico Border Seid, M.;Castaneda, D.;Mize, R.;Zivkovic, M.;Varni, J.W.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2003-05-01 查看
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Generalist-Subspecialist Communication About Children With ChronicConditions: An Analysis of Physician Focus Groups Stille, C.J.;Korobov, N.;Primack, W.A.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2003-05-01 查看
Letter From the Editor Perrin, J.M.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2003-07-01 查看
Leadership by Example: The Institute of Medicine's View of How FederalHealth Care Programs Can Improve Quality of Care Perrin, J.M.;Homer, C.J.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2003-07-01 查看
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Barriers to Anti-inflammatory Medication Use in Childhood Asthma Yoos, H.L.;Kitzman, H.;McMullen, A.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2003-07-01 查看
Primary Care Clinicians' Use of Standardized Tools to Assess ChildPsychosocial Problems Gardner, W.;Kelleher, K.J.;Pajer, K.A.;Campo, J.V.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2003-07-01 查看
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Who Cares for the Children? Pediatricians and Parental Leave Garfield, C.F.;Pickett, K.E.;Chung, P.J.;Lantos, J.; Ambulatory Pediatrics 2003-09-01 查看
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