The ELGAN study of the brain and related disorders in extremely lowgestational age newborns ELGAN study Investigators;O'Shea, T.M.;Allred, E.N.;Dammann, O.;Hirtz, D.;Kuban, K.C.K.;Paneth, N.;Leviton, A.; Early Human Development 2009-11-01 查看
Early postnatal blood concentrations of inflammation-related proteinsand microcephaly two years later in infants born before the 28thpost-menstrual week for the ELGAN Study Investigators;Leviton, A.;Kuban, K.C.K.;Allred, E.N.;Fichorova, R.N.;O'Shea, T.M.;Paneth, N.; Early Human Development 2011-05-01 查看
Birth weight- and fetal weight-growth restriction: Impact onneurodevelopment for the ELGAN Study Investigators;Streimish, I.G.;Ehrenkranz, R.A.;Allred, E.N.;O'Shea, T.M.;Kuban, K.C.K.;Paneth, N.;Leviton, A.; Early Human Development 2012-09-01 查看
Systemic inflammation on postnatal days 21 and 28 and indicators ofbrain dysfunction 2years later among children born before the 28th week ofgestation for the ELGAN study investigators;Leviton, A.;Allred, E.N.;Fichorova, R.N.;Kuban, K.C.K.;Michael O'Shea, T.;Dammann, O.; Early Human Development 2016-02-01 查看
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