P1-68 Body size at birth predicts hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axisresponse to psychosocial stress at age 60 to 70: the Helsinki Birth CohortStudy Feldt, K.;Kajantie, E.;Raikkonen, K.;Phillips, D.I.W.;Osmond, C.;Heinonen, K.;Pesonen, A.K.;Andersson, S.;Barker, D.J.P.;Eriksson, J.G.; Early Human Development 2007-09-01 查看
P1-77 Does preterm birth change circadian rhythmicity in youngadulthood? The Helsinki Study of very low Birth Weight Adults Strang-Karlsson, S.;Raikkonen, K.;Kajantie, E.;Andersson, S.;Hovi, P.;Heinonen, K.;Pesonen, A.K.;Jarvenpaa, A.L.;Eriksson, J.G.;Paavonen, E.J.; Early Human Development 2007-09-01 查看
P2-153 Temperament in young adults with very low birth weight Pyhala, R.;Raikkonen, K.;Pesonen, A.K.;Heinonen, K.;Hovi, P.;Eriksson, J.G.;Jarvenpaa, A.L.;Andersson, S.;Kajantie, E.; Early Human Development 2007-09-01 查看
1A-5 Size at birth is associated with cardiovascular reactivity to andrecovery from psychological stress during childhood Feldt, K.;Raikkonen, K.;Pyhala, R.;Pesonen, A.K.;Heinonen, K.;Phillips, D.I.W.;Strandberg, T.E.;Jarvenpaa, A.L.;Eriksson, J.G.;Kajantie, E.; Early Human Development 2007-09-01 查看
2D-4 Infant growth and hostility in adult life Raikkonen, K.;Pesonen, A.K.;Heinonen, K.;Lahti, J.;Kajantie, E.;Forsen, T.;Osmond, C.;Barker, D.J.P.;Eriksson, J.G.; Early Human Development 2007-09-01 查看
Longitudinal study of smoking cessation before pregnancy and children'scognitive abilities at 56months of age Heinonen, K.;Raikkonen, K.;Pesonen, A.K.;Andersson, S.;Kajantie, E.;Eriksson, J.G.;Wolke, D.;Lano, A.; Early Human Development 2011-05-01 查看
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