Routine TORCH screening is not warranted in neonates with subependymalcysts van der Weiden, S.;Steggerda, S.J.;Te Pas, A.B.;Vossen, A.C.T.M.;Walther, F.J.;Lopriore, E.; Early Human Development 2010-04-01 查看
Is routine TORCH screening and urine CMV culture warranted in small forgestational age neonates? van der Weiden, S.;de Jong, E.P.;te Pas, A.B.;Middeldorp, J.M.;Vossen, A.C.T.M.;Rijken, M.;Walther, F.J.;Lopriore, E.; Early Human Development 2011-02-01 查看
5ICCN_017: Feasibility study of pulse oximetry screening for criticalcongenital heart defects after home births in the Netherlands Narayen, I.C.;Blom, N.A.;Verhart, M.S.;Smit, M.;Posthumus, F.;Havers, H.;van den Broek, A.J.M.;Haak, M.C.;te Pas, A.B.; Early Human Development 2014-09-01 查看
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