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Prehension in young children with Down syndrome Kearney, K.;Gentile, A.M.; Acta Psychologica 2003-01-01 查看
Recognition thresholds for plane-rotated pictures of familiar objects Lawson, R.;Jolicoeur, P.; Acta Psychologica 2003-01-01 查看
States of awareness across multiple memory tasks: obtaining a ''pure''measure of conscious recollection Hamilton, M.;Rajaram, S.; Acta Psychologica 2003-01-01 查看
Exocentric pointing to opposite targets Koenderink, J.J.;van Doorn, A.J.;Lappin, J.S.; Acta Psychologica 2003-01-01 查看
Sex differences in recollective experience for olfactory and verbalinformation Larsson, M.;Lovden, M.;Nilsson, L.-G.; Acta Psychologica 2003-01-01 查看
Acknowledgement to reviewers Acta Psychologica 2003-01-01 查看
The influence of irrelevant stimulus changes on stimulus and responserepetition effects Notebaert, W.;Soetens, E.; Acta Psychologica 2003-02-01 查看
On spatial response code activation in a Simon task Ivanoff, J.; Acta Psychologica 2003-02-01 查看
Using Brunswikian theory and a longitudinal design to study howhierarchical teams adapt to increasing levels of time pressure Adelman, L.;Miller, S.L.;Henderson, D.;Schoelles, M.; Acta Psychologica 2003-02-01 查看
Decision making under internal uncertainty: the case of multiple-choicetests with different scoring rules Bereby-Meyer, Y.;Meyer, J.;Budescu, D.V.; Acta Psychologica 2003-02-01 查看
Horse-race model simulations of the stop-signal procedure Band, G.P.H.;van der Molen, M.W.;Logan, G.D.; Acta Psychologica 2003-02-01 查看
Hemispheric differences in stop task performance Van der Schoot, M.;Licht, R.;Horsley, T.M.;Sergeant, J.A.; Acta Psychologica 2003-03-01 查看
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Age-related changes and gender differences in time estimation Espinosa-Fernandez, L.;Miro, E.;Cano, M.;Buela-Casal, G.; Acta Psychologica 2003-03-01 查看
The effect of prolonged viewing on the recognition of global and locallevels of hierarchically constructed patterns Ninose, Y.;Gyoba, J.; Acta Psychologica 2003-03-01 查看
Congruency-induced blindness: a cost-benefit analysis Oriet, C.;Stevanovski, B.;Jolicoeur, P.; Acta Psychologica 2003-03-01 查看
Display-control arrangement correspondence and logical recoding in theHedge and Marsh reversal of the Simon effect Proctor, R.W.;F. Pick, D.; Acta Psychologica 2003-03-01 查看
Effects of acute bouts of exercise on cognition Tomporowski, P.D.; Acta Psychologica 2003-03-01 查看
Detectability of the negative event: effect on the acceptance of pre- orpost-event risk-defusing actions Huber, O.;Huber, O.W.; Acta Psychologica 2003-05-01 查看
Reducing bias in frequency judgment by improving source monitoring Dougherty, M.R.P.;Franco-Watkins, A.M.; Acta Psychologica 2003-05-01 查看
Mental fatigue and the control of cognitive processes: effects onperseveration and planning van der Linden, D.;Frese, M.;Meijman, T.F.; Acta Psychologica 2003-05-01 查看
Rethinking the focusing effect in decision-making Cherubini, P.;Mazzocco, K.;Rumiati, R.; Acta Psychologica 2003-05-01 查看
Online versus offline processing of visual feedback in the control ofmovement amplitude Khan, M.A.;Lawrence, G.;Fourkas, A.;Franks, I.M.;Elliott, D.;Pembroke, S.; Acta Psychologica 2003-05-01 查看
On the role of peripheral visual afferent information for the control ofrapid video-aiming movements Bedard, P.;Proteau, L.; Acta Psychologica 2003-05-01 查看
Peter Sedlmeier and Tilmann Betsch (2002). Etc. Frequency Processing andCognition. Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press Juslin, P.; Acta Psychologica 2003-05-01 查看
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Announcement Acta Psychologica 2003-05-01 查看
Attentional capture within and between objects Mortier, K.;Donk, M.;Theeuwes, J.; Acta Psychologica 2003-06-01 查看
Lexical, conceptual and motor information in memory for action phrases: amulti-system account Engelkamp, J.;Jahn, P.; Acta Psychologica 2003-06-01 查看
Syllabic length effects in visual word recognition and naming Ferrand, L.;New, B.; Acta Psychologica 2003-06-01 查看
Temporal parameters and time course of perceptual latency priming Scharlau, I.;Neumann, O.; Acta Psychologica 2003-06-01 查看
Age-related effects of attentional and oculomotor capture by onsets andcolor singletons as a function of experience Colcombe, A.M.;Kramer, A.F.;Irwin, D.E.;Peterson, M.S.;Colcombe, S.;Hahn, S.; Acta Psychologica 2003-06-01 查看
Gregogy L. Murphy (2002). The Big Book of Concepts. Cambridge: MIT Press Ahn, W.-k.;Luhmann, C.C.;Marsh, J.; Acta Psychologica 2003-06-01 查看
Editorial board Acta Psychologica 2003-06-01 查看
Multiple study trials and judgments of learning Meeter, M.;Nelson, T.O.; Acta Psychologica 2003-06-01 查看
Influence of prime-target relationship on semantic priming effects fromwords in a lexical-decision task Abad, M.J.F.;Noguera, C.;Ortells, J.J.; Acta Psychologica 2003-07-01 查看
When mental images are very detailed: image generation and memoryperformance as a function of age Palladino, P.;De Beni, R.; Acta Psychologica 2003-07-01 查看
The aftereffects of ventriloquism: Are they sound-frequency specific? Frissen, I.;Vroomen, J.;de Gelder, B.;Bertelson, P.; Acta Psychologica 2003-07-01 查看
Mental Time Travel. Book review of 'Episodic memory, new directions inresearch', edited by A. Baddeley, M.A. Conway, and J.P. Aggleton (OxfordUniversity Press, 2002) Zeelenberg, R.; Acta Psychologica 2003-07-01 查看
Author index to volume Acta Psychologica 2003-07-01 查看
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Stochastic cascade processes as a model of multi-stage concurrentinformation processing Schwarz, W.; Acta Psychologica 2003-07-01 查看
Hypothesis generation, probability judgment, and individual differences inworking memory capacity Dougherty, M.R.P.;Hunter, J.E.; Acta Psychologica 2003-07-01 查看
Identity and expression memory for happy and angry faces in social anxiety D'Argembeau, A.;Van der Linden, M.;Etienne, A.-M.;Comblain, C.; Acta Psychologica 2003-09-01 查看
Catching oriented objects Hermens, F.;Gielen, S.; Acta Psychologica 2003-09-01 查看
Spatio-temporal working-memory and short-term object-location tasks usedifferent memory mechanisms Zimmer, H.D.;Speiser, H.R.;Seidler, B.; Acta Psychologica 2003-09-01 查看
Short-term sentence recall: evidence for the contribution ofacoustic-sensory information Rummer, R.;Engelkamp, J.; Acta Psychologica 2003-09-01 查看
Programming of expected and unexpected movements: effects on the onset ofthe lateralized readiness potential Leuthold, H.; Acta Psychologica 2003-09-01 查看
An own gender bias and the importance of hair in face recognition Wright, D.B.;Sladden, B.; Acta Psychologica 2003-09-01 查看
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