Genetic variability for morphology, growth and forage yield among perennialdiploid and tetraploid lucerne populations (Medicago sativa L) Julier, B.;Porcheron, A.;Ecalle, C.;Guy, P.; Agronomie 1995-01-01 查看
Full length article Crochemore, M.;Huyghe, C.;Kerlan, M.;Durand, F.;Julier, B.; Agronomie 1996-01-01 查看
Effect of growth and cultivar on alfalfa digestibility in a multi-sitetrial Julier, B.;Huyghe, C.; Agronomie 1997-11-01 查看
Structuration of alfalfa genetic diversity using agronomic andmorphological characteristics. Relationship with RAPD markers Crochemore, M.-L.;Huyghe, C.;Ecalle, C.;Julier, B.; Agronomie 1998-01-01 查看
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