Synergism between wild-type Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. israelensisand B. sphaericus strains: A study based on isobolographic analysis andhistopathology Sreshty, M.A.L.;Kumar, K.P.;Murty, U.S.N.; Acta Tropica 2011-04-01 查看
Differential attraction of Aedes albopictus in the field to flowers,fruits and honeydew Muller, G.C.;Xue, R.D.;Schlein, Y.; Acta Tropica 2011-04-01 查看
The epidemiology of human trichinellosis in China during 2004-2009 Cui, J.;Wang, Z.Q.;Xu, B.L.; Acta Tropica 2011-04-01 查看
Insecticide resistance status of Aedes aegypti in 10 localities inColombia Ocampo, C.B.;Salazar-Terreros, M.J.;Mina, N.J.;McAllister, J.;Brogdon, W.; Acta Tropica 2011-04-01 查看
Activity of OZ78 analogues against Fasciola hepatica and Echinostomacaproni Kirchhofer, C.;Vargas, M.;Braissant, O.;Dong, Y.;Wang, X.;Vennerstrom, J.L.;Keiser, J.; Acta Tropica 2011-04-01 查看
Treatment coverage survey after a school-based mass distribution ofmebendazole: Kampot Province, Cambodia Chesnaye, N.;Sinuon, M.;Socheat, D.;Koporc, K.;Mathieu, E.; Acta Tropica 2011-04-01 查看
Expression, characterization and therapeutic efficacy of chimeric Fabof anti-idiotypic antibody NP30 against Schistosoma japonicum Xu, J.;Zhu, X.J.;Li, Y.H.;Dai, Y.;Zhu, Y.C.;Zheng, J.;Feng, Z.Q.;Guan, X.H.; Acta Tropica 2011-05-01 查看
Spatial and temporal genetic variation of Echinostoma revolutum(Trematoda: Echinostomatidae) from Thailand and the Lao PDR Saijuntha, W.;Tantrawatpan, C.;Sithithaworn, P.;Andrews, R.H.;Petney, T.N.; Acta Tropica 2011-05-01 查看
Potential effects of Cramoll 1,4 lectin on murine Schistosomiasismansoni Melo, C.M.L.d.;de Lima, A.L.R.;Beltrao, E.I.C.;Cavalcanti, C.C.B.;de Melo-Junior, M.R.;Montenegro, S.M.L.;Coelho, L.C.B.B.;Correia, M.T.d.S.;Carneiro-Leao, A.M.d.A.; Acta Tropica 2011-05-01 查看
Genetic markers for studies on the systematics and population geneticsof snails, Bithynia spp., the first intermediate hosts of Opisthorchisviverrini in Thailand Kiatsopit, N.;Sithithaworn, P.;Boonmars, T.;Tesana, S.;Chanawong, A.;Saijuntha, W.;Petney, T.N.;Andrews, R.H.; Acta Tropica 2011-05-01 查看
Economic evaluation of Chagas disease screening of pregnant LatinAmerican women and of their infants in a non endemic area Sicuri, E.;Munoz, J.;Pinazo, M.J.;Posada, E.;Sanchez, J.;Alonso, P.L.;Gascon, J.; Acta Tropica 2011-05-01 查看
Schistosoma mansoni antigen Sm-p80: Prophylactic efficacy of a vaccineformulated in human approved plasmid vector and adjuvant (VR 1020 and alum) Zhang, W.;Ahmad, G.;Torben, W.;Siddiqui, A.A.; Acta Tropica 2011-05-01 查看
Diagnostic accuracy of urine filtration and dipstick tests forSchistosoma haematobium infection in a lightly infected population ofGhanaian schoolchildren Kosinski, K.C.;Bosompem, K.M.;Stadecker, M.J.;Wagner, A.D.;Plummer, J.;Durant, J.L.;Gute, D.M.; Acta Tropica 2011-05-01 查看
Use of recombinant proteins MPB70 or MPB83 as capture antigens inELISAs to confirm bovine tuberculosis infections in Brazil Marassi, C.D.;Medeiros, L.;McNair, J.;Lilenbaum, W.; Acta Tropica 2011-05-01 查看
Development of PCR-RFLP assay for the discrimination of Plasmodiumspecies and variants of P. vivax (VK210, VK247 and P. vivax-like) inAnopheles mosquitoes Cassiano, G.C.;Storti-Melo, L.M.;Povoa, M.M.;Galardo, A.K.R.;Rossit, A.R.B.;Machado, R.L.D.; Acta Tropica 2011-05-01 查看
Editorial Board Acta Tropica 2011-05-01 查看
Anti-malarial drug formulations and novel delivery systems: A review Murambiwa, P.;Masola, B.;Govender, T.;Mukaratirwa, S.;Musabayane, C.T.; Acta Tropica 2011-05-01 查看
Systematic review of the adverse effects of cutaneous leishmaniasistreatment in the New World Oliveira, L.F.;Schubach, A.O.;Martins, M.M.;Passos, S.L.;Oliveira, R.V.;Marzochi, M.C.;Andrade, C.A.; Acta Tropica 2011-05-01 查看
2D-PAGE analysis of Taenia solium metacestode 10-30kDa antigens for theserodiagnosis of neurocysticercosis in children Atluri, V.S.R.;Singhi, P.D.;Khandelwal, N.;Malla, N.; Acta Tropica 2011-05-01 查看
Canine Leishmania infantum enzymatic polymorphism: A review including1023 strains of the Mediterranean area, with special reference to Algeria Ait-Oudhia, K.;Harrat, Z.;Benikhlef, R.;Dedet, J.P.;Pratlong, F.; Acta Tropica 2011-05-01 查看
Serum platelet-activating factor acetylhydrolase and paraoxonase-1activity in horses infected with Leptospira spp Turk, R.;Habus, J.;Flegar-Mestric, Z.;Svetina, A.;Mojcec, V.;Perkov, S.;Belic, M.;Staresina, V.;Turk, N.; Acta Tropica 2011-05-01 查看
Evaluation of a PCR-RFLP-ITS2 assay for discrimination of Anophelesspecies in northern and western Colombia Cienfuegos, A.V.;Rosero, D.A.;Naranjo, N.;Luckhart, S.;Conn, J.E.;Correa, M.M.; Acta Tropica 2011-05-01 查看
Editorial Board Acta Tropica 2011-06-01 查看
Lack of protective efficacy in buffaloes vaccinated with Fasciolagigantica leucine aminopeptidase and peroxiredoxin recombinant proteins Raina, O.K.;Nagar, G.;Varghese, A.;Prajitha, G.;Alex, A.;Maharana, B.R.;Joshi, P.; Acta Tropica 2011-06-01 查看
Head morphometry and isoenzymatic profile of two Triatoma infestansKlug, 1834 (Hemiptera, Reduviidae) populations Pires, H.H.R.;Barbosa, S.E.;Borges, E.C.;Silva, J.A.;Siqueira, A.M.;Diotaiuti, L.; Acta Tropica 2011-06-01 查看
Human sparganosis in Thailand: An overview Anantaphruti, M.T.;Nawa, Y.;Vanvanitchai, Y.; Acta Tropica 2011-06-01 查看
A familial outbreak of fascioliasis in Eastern Anatolia: A report withreview of literature Karahocagil, M.K.;Akdeniz, H.;Sunnetcioglu, M.;Cicek, M.;Mete, R.;Akman, N.;Ceylan, E.;Karsen, H.;Yapici, K.; Acta Tropica 2011-06-01 查看
Breeding sites of phlebotomine sand flies (Diptera: Psychodidae) andefficiency of extraction techniques for immature stages in terra-firmeforest in Amazonas State, Brazil Alencar, R.B.;de Queiroz, R.G.;Barrett, T.V.; Acta Tropica 2011-06-01 查看
Socio-environmental conditions, intestinal parasitic infections andnutritional status in children from a suburban neighborhood of La Plata,Argentina Gamboa, M.I.;Navone, G.T.;Orden, A.B.;Torres, M.F.;Castro, L.E.;Oyhenart, E.E.; Acta Tropica 2011-06-01 查看
Risk factors for highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) H5N1infection in backyard chicken farms, Thailand Paul, M.;Wongnarkpet, S.;Gasqui, P.;Poolkhet, C.;Thongratsakul, S.;Ducrot, C.;Roger, F.; Acta Tropica 2011-06-01 查看
Larvicidal activity of synthesized silver nanoparticles using Ecliptaprostrata leaf extract against filariasis and malaria vectors Rajakumar, G.;Abdul Rahuman, A.; Acta Tropica 2011-06-01 查看
Characterization of the metacaspase 1 gene in Plasmodium vivax fieldisolates from southern Iran and Italian imported cases Rezanezhad, H.;Menegon, M.;Sarkari, B.;Hatam, G.R.;Severini, C.; Acta Tropica 2011-07-01 查看
Studies on the protective efficacy and immunogenicity of Hsp70 andHsp83 based vaccine formulations in Leishmania donovani infected BALB/c mice Kaur, J.;Kaur, T.;Kaur, S.; Acta Tropica 2011-07-01 查看
Trypanosoma cruzi I diversity: Towards the need of genetic subdivision? Guhl, F.;Ramirez, J.D.; Acta Tropica 2011-07-01 查看
Editorial Board Acta Tropica 2011-07-01 查看
Effects of different temperature regimens on the development of Aedesaegypti (L.) (Diptera: Culicidae) mosquitoes Mohammed, A.;Chadee, D.D.; Acta Tropica 2011-07-01 查看
Phylogenetic reconstruction based on Cytochrome b (Cytb) gene sequencesreveals distinct genotypes within Colombian Trypanosoma cruzi I populations Ramirez, J.D.;Duque, M.C.;Guhl, F.; Acta Tropica 2011-07-01 查看
Influence of trypanocidal therapy on the haematology of vervet monkeysexperimentally infected with Trypanosoma brucei rhodesiense Ngotho, M.;Kagira, J.M.;Kariuki, C.;Maina, N.;Thuita, J.K.;Mwangangi, D.M.;Farah, I.O.;Hau, J.; Acta Tropica 2011-07-01 查看
Anopheline species composition in borderline of Iran-Azerbaijan Oshaghi, M.A.;Vatandoost, H.;Gorouhi, A.;Abai, M.R.;Madjidpour, A.;Arshi, S.;Sadeghi, H.;Nazari, M.;Mehravaran, A.; Acta Tropica 2011-07-01 查看
Analysing the generality of spatially predictive mosquito habitat models Li, L.;Bian, L.;Yakob, L.;Zhou, G.;Yan, G.; Acta Tropica 2011-07-01 查看
Mechanisms of drug resistance in Mycobacterium tuberculosis and currentstatus of rapid molecular diagnostic testing Laurenzo, D.;Mousa, S.A.; Acta Tropica 2011-07-01 查看
High frequency of PfCRT 76T in two Malian villages and its prevalencein severe relative to non-severe malaria Wele, M.;Djimde, A.A.;Guindo, A.;Beavogui, A.H.;Traore, I.Z.;Sadou, A.;Blaise, D.;Diallo, D.A.;Wellems, T.E.;Doumbo, O.K.; Acta Tropica 2011-07-01 查看
High genetic polymorphism of relapsing P. vivax isolates in northwestColombia Restrepo, E.;Imwong, M.;Rojas, W.;Carmona-Fonseca, J.;Maestre, A.; Acta Tropica 2011-07-01 查看
Confutation of the existence of sequence-conserved cytochrome P450enzymes in Plasmodium falciparum Wisedpanichkij, R.;Grams, R.;Chaijaroenkul, W.;Na-Bangchang, K.; Acta Tropica 2011-07-01 查看
Caregiver perspectives for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment ofchildhood giardiasis in Havana City, Cuba. A qualitative study Escobedo, A.A.;Almirall, P.;Alfonso, M.;Avila, I.;Cimerman, S.;Salazar, Y.;Dawkins, I.V.;Garcia, R.M.; Acta Tropica 2011-08-01 查看
Community structure of ground-water breeding mosquitoes driven by landuse in a temperate wetland of Argentina Cardo, M.V.;Dario, V.;Eduardo, C.A.; Acta Tropica 2011-08-01 查看
The pharmacological inhibition of sterol biosynthesis in Leishmania iscounteracted by enhancement of LDL endocytosis Andrade-Neto, V.V.;Cicco, N.N.T.;Cunha-Junior, E.F.;Canto-Cavalheiro, M.M.;Atella, G.C.;Torres-Santos, E.C.; Acta Tropica 2011-08-01 查看
Influence of the quality and quantity of blood ingested on reproductiveparameters and life-span in Triatoma infestans (Klug) Nattero, J.;Leonhard, G.;Rodriguez, C.S.;Crocco, L.; Acta Tropica 2011-08-01 查看
Improved treatment of visceral leishmaniasis (kala-azar) by usingcombination of ketoconazole, miltefosine with an immunomodulator-Picroliv Shakya, N.;Sane, S.A.;Vishwakarma, P.;Bajpai, P.;Gupta, S.; Acta Tropica 2011-08-01 查看
Gustavo Pedro Kouri Flores Lazdins-Helds, J.K.;Noya, O.;Pelegrino, J.L.; Acta Tropica 2011-08-01 查看
Evaluating indoor residual spray for reducing malaria infectionprevalence in Eritrea: Results from a community randomized control trial Keating, J.;Locatelli, A.;Gebremichael, A.;Ghebremeskel, T.;Mufunda, J.;Mihreteab, S.;Berhane, D.;Carneiro, P.; Acta Tropica 2011-08-01 查看
Cloning, expression, purification and kinetics of trehalose-6-phosphatephosphatase of filarial parasite Brugia malayi Kushwaha, S.;Singh, P.K.;Rana, A.K.;Misra-Bhattacharya, S.; Acta Tropica 2011-08-01 查看
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