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Alternative model of the functioning of bacteriorhodopsin and the unusualproperties of the K"6"1"0 intermediate Chernavskii, D.S.; Biophysics 1994-01-01 查看
Influence of the chlorine diffusion potential on the electrophoreticmobility and sedimentation of erythrocytes in dilute suspension Balmukhanov, B.;Basenova, A.; Biophysics 1994-01-01 查看
Dependence of the rate of contraction of the myofibrils on theconcentration of MgATP. Theoretical analysis Korchagin, V.P.; Biophysics 1994-01-01 查看
Problem of the stability of coexistence in a confined area in models ofcompeting populations Goryachev, A.B.;Polyezhayev, A.A.;Chernavskii, D.S.; Biophysics 1994-01-01 查看
Dependence of the efficacy of inhibition on the localization of theinhibitory synapses on the dendrites of the neuron. Mathematical modelling Manyanin, I.I.; Biophysics 1994-01-01 查看
Animal Behaviour against the background of long-period heliogeophysicalfluctuations Sidyakin, V.G.; Biophysics 1994-01-01 查看
New data on the thermal denaturing of collagen fibrils Tsereteli, G.I.;Belopol'skaya, T.V.; Biophysics 1994-01-01 查看
Study of the structure of gelatine gels in the scanning electron microscope Belavtseva, Y.M.;Ibragimova, N.U.;Vagabov, M.Z.-V.;Shilov, I.P.; Biophysics 1994-01-01 查看
The ionic channel -- electrical solenoid model Bingi, V.N.; Biophysics 1995-01-01 查看
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Some common characteristics of cardiovascular and oncological diseases Lebedev, O.L.; Biophysics 1995-01-01 查看
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