Changes in the activities of signal transduction and transport membraneenzymes in CEM lymphoblastoid cells by glucocorticoid-induced apoptosis Graber, R.;Losa, G.A.; Analytical Cellular Pathology 1995-03-01 查看
Loss of cytokeratins in breast cancer cells using multiparameter DNA flowcytometry is related to both cellular factors and preparation procedure Wingren, S.;Guerrieri, C.;Franlund, B.;Stal, O.; Analytical Cellular Pathology 1995-10-01 查看
Cell cycle kinetics in normal human skin by in vivo administration ofiododeoxyuridine and application of a differentiation marker - implicationsfor cell cycle kinetics in psoriatic skin van Erp, P.E.J.;Boezeman, J.B.M.;Brons, P.P.T.; Analytical Cellular Pathology 1996-06-01 查看
Comparative flow cytometric analysis of DNA-bound PCNA and DNA content asestimators of S-phase cells in cell cultures Bustamante, A.S.;Guervos, M.A.;de los Toyos, J.R.;Dolbeare, F.;Sampedro, A.; Analytical Cellular Pathology 1996-07-01 查看
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