Electron and light microscopy of peritoneal cellular immune responses inmice vaccinated and challenged with third-stage infective hookworm(Ancylostoma caninum) larvae Shuhua, X.;Hotez, P.J.;Binggui, S.;Sen, L.;Hainan, R.;Haichou, X.;Huiqing, Q.;Zheng, F.; Acta Tropica 1998-09-15 查看
Epidemiology of human hookworm infections among adult villagers in Hejiangand Santai Counties, Sichuan Province, China Changhua, L.;Xiaorong, Z.;Dongchuan, Q.;Shuhua, X.;Hotez, P.J.;Defu, Z.;Hulian, Z.;Mingden, L.;Hainan, R.;Bing, Z.;Haichou, X.;Hawdon, J.;Zheng, F.; Acta Tropica 1999-10-15 查看
Regional Network for Research, Surveillance and Control of AsianSchistosomiasis (RNAS) Zhou, X.;Acosta, L.;Willingham, A.L.;Leonardo, L.R.;Minggang, C.;Aligui, G.;Zheng, F.;Olveda, R.; Acta Tropica 2002-05-01 查看
Control of echinococcosis and cysticercosis: a public health challenge tointernational cooperation in China Ito, A.;Urbani, C.;Jiamin, Q.;Vuitton, D.A.;Dongchuan, Q.;Heath, D.D.;Craig, P.S.;Zheng, F.;Schantz, P.M.; Acta Tropica 2003-04-01 查看
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