Seventh Oxford Conference on Biomedicine in Developing Countries organisedby the Oxford International Biomedical Center (OIBC) 1-3 April 2001 Asser, R.K.; Acta Tropica 2002-01-01 查看
Calendar of events Acta Tropica 2002-01-01 查看
Protozoon infections and intestinal permeability Dagci, H.;Ustun, S.;Taner, M.S.;Ersoz, G.;Karacasu, F.;Budak, S.; Acta Tropica 2002-01-01 查看
Evaluation of an EDTA version of CATT/Trypanosoma brucei gambiense forserological screening of human blood samples Magnus, E.;Lejon, V.;Bayon, D.;Buyse, D.;Simarro, P.;Verloo, D.;Vervoort, T.;Pansaerts, R.;Buscher, P.;Van Meirvenne, N.; Acta Tropica 2002-01-01 查看
Performance appraisal of rapid on-site malaria diagnosis (ICT malaria Pf/Pvtest) in relation to human resources at village level in Myanmar Min-Naing, C.;Gatton, M.L.; Acta Tropica 2002-01-01 查看
Follow-up of experimental chronic Chagas' disease in dogs: use ofpolymerase chain reaction (PCR) compared with parasitological andserological methods Araujo, F.M.G.;Bahia, M.T.;Magalhaes, N.M.;Martins-Filho, O.A.;Veloso, V.M.;Carneiro, C.M.;Tafuri, W.L.;Lana, M.; Acta Tropica 2002-01-01 查看
Plasmodium falciparum merozoite surface protein 1 (MSP1): genotyping andhumoral responses to allele-specific variants Ekala, M.-T.;Jouin, H.;Lekoulou, F.;Issifou, S.;Mercereau-Puijalon, O.;Ntoumi, F.; Acta Tropica 2002-01-01 查看
Aggregation behaviour in Panstrongylus megistus and Triatoma infestans:inter and intraspecific responses Pires, H.H.R.;Lorenzo, M.G.;Diotaiuti, L.;Lazzari, C.R.;Lorenzo Figueiras, A.N.; Acta Tropica 2002-01-01 查看
Transmission electron microscopic observations on ultrastructural damage injuvenile Schistosoma mansoni caused by artemether Shuhua, X.;Binggui, S.;Utzinger, J.;Chollet, J.;Tanner, M.; Acta Tropica 2002-01-01 查看
The relationship between faecal egg counts, worm burden and tissue eggcounts in early Schistosoma mattheei infections in cattle De Bont, J.;Shaw, D.J.;Vercruysse, J.; Acta Tropica 2002-01-01 查看
kDNA markers define two major Trypanosoma rangeli lineages in Latin-America Vallejo, G.A.;Guhl, F.;Carranza, J.C.;Lozano, L.E.;Sanchez, J.L.;Jaramillo, J.C.;Gualtero, D.;Castaneda, N.;Silva, J.C.;Steindel, M.; Acta Tropica 2002-01-01 查看
Evaluation of whole fresh blood and dried blood on filter paper discs inserological tests for Trypanosoma evansi in experimentally infected waterbuffaloes Holland, W.G.;Thanh, N.G.;My, L.N.;Magnus, E.;Verloo, D.;Buscher, P.;Goddeeris, B.;Vercruysse, J.; Acta Tropica 2002-02-01 查看
Unexpected frequency, duration and spectrum of adverse events aftertherapeutic dose of mefloquine in healthy adults Rendi-Wagner, P.;Noedl, H.;Wernsdorfer, W.H.;Wiedermann, G.;Mikolasek, A.;Kollaritsch, H.; Acta Tropica 2002-02-01 查看
Calendar of events Acta Tropica 2002-02-01 查看
Candida commensalism and virulence: the evolution of phenotypic plasticity Soll, D.R.; Acta Tropica 2002-02-01 查看
Host cell invasion by the opportunistic pathogen Toxoplasma gondii Carruthers, V.B.; Acta Tropica 2002-02-01 查看
Pathogenesis of Chagas heart disease: role of autoimmunity Engman, D.M.;Leon, J.S.; Acta Tropica 2002-02-01 查看
Factors associated with Schistosoma mansoni infection 5 years afterselective treatment in a low endemic area in Brazil Disch, J.;Katz, N.;Pereira e Silva, Y.;de Gouvea Viana, L.;Andrade, M.O.;Rabello, A.; Acta Tropica 2002-02-01 查看
Epidemiological studies of an outbreak of cutaneous leishmaniasis in theRio Jequitinhonha Valley, Minas Gerais, Brazil Gontijo, C.M.F.;da Silva, E.S.;de Fuccio, M.B.;de Sousa, M.C.A.;Pacheco, R.S.;Dias, E.S.;Andrade Filho, J.D.;Brazil, R.P.;Melo, M.N.; Acta Tropica 2002-02-01 查看
Sensitivities of Leishmania species to hexadecylphosphocholine(miltefosine), ET-18-OCH"3 (edelfosine) and amphotericin B Escobar, P.;Matu, S.;Marques, C.;Croft, S.L.; Acta Tropica 2002-02-01 查看
The effects of drug-sensitive and drug-resistant Trypanosoma congolenseinfections on the pharmacokinetics of homidium in Boran cattle Murilla, G.A.;Peregrine, A.S.;Ndung'u, J.M.;Holmes, P.H.;Eisler, M.C.; Acta Tropica 2002-03-01 查看
Usefulness of sampling with cotton swab for PCR-diagnosis of cutaneousleishmaniasis in the New World Mimori, T.;Matsumoto, T.;Calvopina, M.H.;Gomez, E.A.;Saya, H.;Katakura, K.;Nonaka, S.;Shamsuzzaman, S.M.;Hashiguchi, Y.; Acta Tropica 2002-03-01 查看
Experimental Trypanosoma evansi infection in South American coati (Nasuanasua): hematological, biochemical and histopathological changes Herrera, H.M.;Alessi, A.C.;Marques, L.C.;Santana, A.E.;Aquino, L.P.C.T.;Menezes, R.F.;Moraes, M.A.V.;Machado, R.Z.; Acta Tropica 2002-03-01 查看
Laboratory and field comparisons of pyriproxyfen, polystyrene beads andother larvicidal methods against malaria vectors in Sri Lanka Yapabandara, A.M.G.M.;Curtis, C.F.; Acta Tropica 2002-03-01 查看
Characterization of Trypanosoma brucei s.l. subspecies by isoenzymes indomestic pigs from the Fontem sleeping sickness focus of Cameroon Nkinin, S.W.;Njiokou, F.;Penchenier, L.;Grebaut, P.;Simo, G.;Herder, S.; Acta Tropica 2002-03-01 查看
Presence of hemagglutination inhibition and neutralization antibodies toJapanese encephalitis virus in wild pigs on an offshore island in Singapore See, E.;Tan, H.C.;Wang, D.;Ooi, E.E.;Lee, M.-A.; Acta Tropica 2002-03-01 查看
Charles Wilberforce Daniels, FRCP (1862-1927): underrated pioneer oftropical medicine Cook, G.C.; Acta Tropica 2002-03-01 查看
Calendar of events Acta Tropica 2002-03-01 查看
Author Index vol. 81 Acta Tropica 2002-03-01 查看
Subject Index vol. 81 Acta Tropica 2002-03-01 查看
Cumulative Contents vol. 81 Acta Tropica 2002-03-01 查看
Nonoperative treatment of splenic rupture in malaria tropica: review ofliterature and case report Hamel, C.T.;Blum, J.;Harder, F.;Kocher, T.; Acta Tropica 2002-04-01 查看
Does lymphocystis occur in pacora, Plagioscion surinamensis (Sciaenidae),from Colombia? Bunkley-Williams, L.;Williams, E.H.;Phelps, R.P.; Acta Tropica 2002-04-01 查看
A sero-epidemiological study of malaria in human and monkey populations inFrench Guiana Volney, B.;Pouliquen, J.-F.;De Thoisy, B.;Fandeur, T.; Acta Tropica 2002-04-01 查看
Identification of antigenically distinct populations of Leishmania(Viannia) guyanensis from Manaus, Brazil, using monoclonal antibodies Romero, G.A.S.;Ishikawa, E.;Cupolillo, E.;Toaldo, C.B.;Guerra, M.V.d.F.;Paes, M.G.;Macedo, V.d.O.;Shaw, J.J.; Acta Tropica 2002-04-01 查看
The economic loss due to treatment costs and work loss to individuals withchronic lymphatic filariasis in rural communities of Orissa, India Babu, B.V.;Nayak, A.N.;Dhal, K.;Acharya, A.S.;Jangid, P.K.;Mallick, G.; Acta Tropica 2002-04-01 查看
Microsatellite markers for population genetic studies in Aedes aegypti(Diptera: Culicidae) from Cote d'Ivoire: evidence for a microgeographicgenetic differentiation of mosquitoes from Bouake Ravel, S.;Herve, J.-P.;Diarrassouba, S.;Kone, A.;Cuny, G.; Acta Tropica 2002-04-01 查看
A comparison of two rapid field immunochromatographic tests to expertmicroscopy in the diagnosis of malaria Mason, D.P.;Kawamoto, F.;Lin, K.;Laoboonchai, A.;Wongsrichanalai, C.; Acta Tropica 2002-04-01 查看
Efficacy of artesunate and praziquantel in Schistosoma haematobium infectedschoolchildren De Clercq, D.;Vercruysse, J.;Kongs, A.;Verle, P.;Dompnier, J.P.;Faye, P.C.; Acta Tropica 2002-04-01 查看
Genetic variability of the human filarial parasite, Wuchereria bancrofti inSouth India Pradeep Kumar, N.;Patra, K.P.;Hoti, S.L.;Das, P.K.; Acta Tropica 2002-04-01 查看
Augmented bioavailability and cysticidal activity of albendazolereformulated in soybean emulsion in mice infected with Echinococcusgranulosus or Echinococcus multilocularis Shuhua, X.;Jiqing, Y.;Mingjie, W.;Pieying, J.;Fanghua, G.;Junjie, C.;Wei, J.;Hotez, P.; Acta Tropica 2002-04-01 查看
Calendar of events Acta Tropica 2002-04-01 查看
Schistosomiasis control in the 21st century Minggang, C.;McManus, D.;Bergquist, R.;Xiaonong, Z.; Acta Tropica 2002-05-01 查看
Schistosomiasis control in the 21st century - Proceedings of theInternational Symposium on Schistosomiasis, Shanghai, July 4-6, 2001 Xiaonong, Z.;Minggang, C.;McManus, D.;Bergquist, R.; Acta Tropica 2002-05-01 查看
Morbidity control of schistosomiasis in China Qing-Wu, J.;Li-Ying, W.;Jia-Gang, G.;Ming-Gang, C.;Xiao-Nong, Z.;Engels, D.; Acta Tropica 2002-05-01 查看
Associating community prevalence of Schistosoma mansoni infection withprevalence of signs and symptoms van der Werf, M.J.;de Vlas, S.J.;Looman, C.W.N.;Nagelkerke, N.J.D.;Habbema, J.D.F.;Engels, D.; Acta Tropica 2002-05-01 查看
The global epidemiological situation of schistosomiasis and new approachesto control and research Engels, D.;Chitsulo, L.;Montresor, A.;Savioli, L.; Acta Tropica 2002-05-01 查看
Relationship between the transmission of Schistosomiasis japonica and theconstruction of the Three Gorge Reservoir Zheng, J.;Gu, X.-g.;Xu, Y.-l.;Ge, J.-h.;Yang, X.-x.;He, C.-h.;Tang, C.;Cai, K.-p.;Jiang, Q.-w.;Liang, Y.-s.;Wang, T.-p.;Xu, X.-j.;Zhong, J.-h.;Yuan, H.-c.;Zhou, X.-n.; Acta Tropica 2002-05-01 查看
Epidemiology and control of mekongi schistosomiasis Urbani, C.;Sinoun, M.;Socheat, D.;Pholsena, K.;Strandgaard, H.;Odermatt, P.;Hatz, C.; Acta Tropica 2002-05-01 查看
Achievement of the World Bank Loan Project on schistosomiasis control(1992-2000) in Hubei province and the challenge in the future Changsong, S.;Binggui, Y.;Hongyi, L.;Yuhai, D.;Xu, X.;Huiguo, Z.;Yong, J.; Acta Tropica 2002-05-01 查看
Recent investigations of artemether, a novel agent for the prevention ofschistosomiasis japonica, mansoni and haematobia Shuhua, X.;Tanner, M.;N'Goran, E.K.;Utzinger, J.;Chollet, J.;Bergquist, R.;Minggang, C.;Jiang, Z.; Acta Tropica 2002-05-01 查看
Blueprint for schistosomiasis vaccine development Bergquist, R.;Al-Sherbiny, M.;Barakat, R.;Olds, R.; Acta Tropica 2002-05-01 查看
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