Spatial validation of crop models for precision agriculture Basso, B.;Ritchie, J.T.;Pierce, F.J.;Braga, R.P.;Jones, J.W.; Agricultural Systems 2001-05-01 查看
The contribution of maize cropping in the Midwest USA to globalwarming: A regional estimate Grace, P.R.;Philip Robertson, G.;Millar, N.;Colunga-Garcia, M.;Basso, B.;Gage, S.H.;Hoben, J.; Agricultural Systems 2011-03-01 查看
Offsetting greenhouse gas emissions through biological carbonsequestration in North Eastern Australia Grace, P.R.;Basso, B.; Agricultural Systems 2012-01-01 查看
Parameter and uncertainty estimation for maize, peanut and cotton usingthe SALUS crop model Dzotsi, K.A.;Basso, B.;Jones, J.W.; Agricultural Systems 2015-05-01 查看
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