Exploratory study on the land area required for global food supply and thepotential global production of bioenergy Wolf, J.;Bindraban, P.S.;Luijten, J.C.;Vleeshouwers, L.M.; Agricultural Systems 2003-06-01 查看
Exploratory study on the land area required for global food supply andthe potential global production of bioenergy Wolf, J.;Bindraban, P.;Luijten, J.;Vleeshouwers, L.; Agricultural Systems 2003-06-01 查看
TechnoGIN, a tool for exploring and evaluating resource use efficiencyof cropping systems in East and Southeast Asia Ponsioen, T.C.;Hengsdijk, H.;Wolf, J.;van Ittersum, M.K.;Rotter, R.P.;Son, T.T.;Laborte, A.G.; Agricultural Systems 2006-01-01 查看
The impact of increasing farm size and mechanization on rural incomeand rice production in Zhejiang province, China Van den Berg, M.M.;Hengsdijk, H.;Wolf, J.;Van Ittersum, M.K.;Guanghuo, W.;Roetter, R.P.; Agricultural Systems 2007-06-01 查看
Poverty and biodiversity trade-offs in rural development: A case studyfor Pujiang county, China Hengsdijk, H.;Guanghuo, W.;Van den Berg, M.M.;Jiangdi, W.;Wolf, J.;Changhe, L.;Roetter, R.P.;Van Keulen, H.; Agricultural Systems 2007-06-01 查看
Integrated assessment of agricultural systems - A component-basedframework for the European Union (SEAMLESS) van Ittersum, M.K.;Ewert, F.;Heckelei, T.;Wery, J.;Alkan Olsson, J.;Andersen, E.;Bezlepkina, I.;Brouwer, F.;Donatelli, M.;Flichman, G.;Olsson, L.;Rizzoli, A.E.;van der Wal, T.;Wien, J.E.;Wolf, J.; Agricultural Systems 2008-03-01 查看
Combined analysis of climate, technological and price changes on futurearable farming systems in Europe Wolf, J.;Kanellopoulos, A.;Kros, J.;Webber, H.;Zhao, G.;Britz, W.;Reinds, G.J.;Ewert, F.;de Vries, W.; Agricultural Systems 2015-11-01 查看
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