Exploring diversity of crop and soil management within smallholderAfrican farms: A dynamic model for simulation of N balances and useefficiencies at field scale Tittonell, P.;Leffelaar, P.A.;Vanlauwe, B.;van Wijk, M.T.;Giller, K.E.; Agricultural Systems 2006-11-01 查看
Analysing trade-offs in resource and labour allocation by smallholderfarmers using inverse modelling techniques: A case-study from Kakamegadistrict, western Kenya Tittonell, P.;van Wijk, M.T.;Rufino, M.C.;Vrugt, J.A.;Giller, K.E.; Agricultural Systems 2007-12-01 查看
Identifying key entry-points for strategic management of smallholderfarming systems in sub-Saharan Africa using the dynamic farm-scalesimulation model NUANCES-FARMSIM van Wijk, M.T.;Tittonell, P.;Rufino, M.C.;Herrero, M.;Pacini, C.;Ridder, N.d.;Giller, K.E.; Agricultural Systems 2009-10-01 查看
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Communicating complexity: Integrated assessment of trade-offsconcerning soil fertility management within African farming systems tosupport innovation and development Giller, K.E.;Tittonell, P.;Rufino, M.C.;van Wijk, M.T.;Zingore, S.;Mapfumo, P.;Adjei-Nsiah, S.;Herrero, M.;Chikowo, R.;Corbeels, M.;Rowe, E.C.;Baijukya, F.;Mwijage, A.;Smith, J.;Yeboah, E.;van der Burg, W.J.;Sanogo, O.M.;Misiko, M.;de Ridder, N.;Karanja, S.;Kaizzi, C.;K'ungu, J.;Mwale, M.;Nwaga, D.;Pacini, C.;Vanlauwe, B.; Agricultural Systems 2011-02-01 查看
Increasing nutrient use efficiency through improved feeding and manuremanagement in urban and peri-urban livestock units of a West African city:A scenario analysis Diogo, R.V.C.;Schlecht, E.;Buerkert, A.;Rufino, M.C.;van Wijk, M.T.; Agricultural Systems 2013-01-01 查看
Simulating potential growth and yield of oil palm (Elaeis guineensis)with PALMSIM: Model description, evaluation and application Hoffmann, M.P.;Castaneda Vera, A.;van Wijk, M.T.;Giller, K.E.;Oberthur, T.;Donough, C.;Whitbread, A.M.; Agricultural Systems 2014-11-01 查看
The 'One cow per poor family' programme: Current and potential fodderavailability within smallholder farming systems in southwest Rwanda Klapwijk, C.J.;Bucagu, C.;van Wijk, M.T.;Udo, H.M.J.;Vanlauwe, B.;Munyanziza, E.;Giller, K.E.; Agricultural Systems 2014-11-01 查看
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